SonicWall NSa 3700: Thwarting attacks targeting government agencies and large enterprises

SonicWall announced the expansion of its threat protection offerings with the NSa 3700, a multi-gigabit security appliance designed to thwart attacks targeting government agencies, retail, K-12, higher education and enterprises.

The company also introduced several product updates, including closed-network threat protection, next-generation analytics, enhanced cloud-native security management and a rebranded Wireless Network Manager.

“Governments and other large enterprises are more challenged to defend large-scale networks against rapidly evolving and increasingly sophisticated threats amid the COVID-19 crisis,” said SonicWall President and CEO Bill Conner.

“These new and enhanced solutions offer organizations an elastic and scalable cloud model to enable leaders to close critical security gaps with robust, enterprise-grade threat protection using next-generation technology. As the cyber arms race continues to escalate, SonicWall looks to equip organizations with proven security at a low total cost of ownership and high security efficacy.”

Enterprise-grade SonicWall appliance to protect heavily targeted sectors

Powered by SonicOS 7.0, the new SonicWall NSa 3700 firewall delivers a modern UX/UI, advanced security controls, plus critical networking and management capabilities to increase visibility and help defend against today’s increasingly targeted attacks.

With the new NSa 3700, organizations gain much needed multi-gigabit protection and enterprise-grade threat performance with one of the lowest total costs of ownership in its class.

Offering 22,500 connections per second, supporting up to 750,000 concurrent DPI connections and up to 3,000 site-to-site VPN tunnels, the NSa 3700 ensures security is scalable across the largest environments.

“Designed to deliver three times the performance and scalability compared to the previous generation while reducing the TCO, the NSa 3700 is well positioned to provide safety and productivity to organizations that have experienced exponential growth in such a short time span,” said SonicWall Senior Vice President of Engineering and COO Atul Dhablania.

“Daily business operations should go unhindered by the ever-growing number of VPN connections in the new normal, where working form home has exponentially increased the demand and scalability requirements as employees simultaneously try to connect remotely to the corporate infrastructure.

“The NSa 3700, running the new SonicOS 7, delivers the technology to boost security throughout fast-moving organizations while inspecting more connections per appliance to reduce costs.”

SonicWall delivers advanced, closed-network threat protection

As reported in the 2021 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report, the government sector saw a 21% increase in ransomware attacks last year, making it a rising target for cybercriminals as work environments adapted to changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the new CSa 1.2, the award-winning SonicWall Capture Security appliance (CSa) 1000 can now be deployed without the need to connect to external resources, which is important for organizations operating air-gapped networks.

The CSa 1000 allows government and compliance-conscious organizations to deploy the SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service and patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) on-prem. With RTDMI, CSa 1000 discovers and stops thousands of previously unseen malware samples each day.

The CSa product line is currently in the process of receiving final approval for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS-140-2) certification, a standard accepted widely by governments and regulated industries around the world.

Reduce risk with advanced SonicWall threat data, next-gen analytics

To help business and security stakeholders mitigate hidden risks across networks, applications and users, SonicWall Next-Generation Analytics 3.0 transforms and delivers threat data from its global network of over 1.1 million sensors into actionable guidance via an information-rich executive dashboard.

Analytics 3.0 allows organizations to mitigate suspicious behavior upon discovery and find threats quickly with a 25% faster response time. New enhancements to Analytics enable it to take advantage of cloud elasticity to scale on-demand, delivering fast response times to changing workloads. This new and enhanced cloud-native architecture provides enhanced reliability and redundancy.

SonicWall expands cloud-native security management

To easily adhere to the latest security standards, SonicWall cloud-native security management has been updated to provide more visibility and control than ever before.

With the updated SonicWall Network Security Manager (NSM) 2.2, administrators have a centralized location for configuring policies at the device or template level, making it easy to provision Layer 3-7 controls via a single rule for every firewall.

NSM also helps simplify certificate management across the full firewall population and streamline rollbacks. It also allows users to choose their preferred two-factor authentication method (app or email) for receiving their authentication code.

New name, new capabilities with SonicWall Wireless Network Manager

As networks rapidly expand, so does the need for consolidation, cost savings and streamlined security management. SonicWall Wireless Network Manager (WNM) 3.5 unifies visibility and management by including SonicWall network switches and SonicWave wireless access points into a single solution.

With SonicWall Switches available in the WNM network hierarchy, it is easier than ever to securely monitor and manage both access points and switches from a single interface to streamline processes and reduce the potential for misconfiguration.

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