93% of consumers concerned about data security when filling out online forms

Source Defense provides in-depth analysis of the client-side threat landscape and specific attacks like formjacking, Magecart and web browser threats.

data security online forms

The research offers a rare window on web security sentiments for a population relying almost exclusively on websites for all manner of shopping, healthcare, financial services and other essential needs during the pandemic.

Key findings

  • 93% of consumers are concerned about data security when filling out online forms
  • 91% said that brands requiring consumers to complete web forms are solely responsible for protecting consumers’ information – regardless of whether a third-party service technically runs the forms or entire site, itself
  • 49% said they would cut ties with an organization if a website attack or other breach exposed their private data

data security online forms

“According to our team’s latest intelligence, there are over 1.7 billion public-facing websites in the world and JavaScript is used on 95% of them,” said Dan Dinnar, CEO of Source Defense.

“Client-side attacks are rapidly accelerating and exploiting the trust relationship between users and the websites they visit.”

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