Cloudbooking appoints David Miller as COO

Cloudbooking announced that David Miller has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, a new position within Cloudbooking.

A well-respected and highly experienced commercial solicitor, David has recently been a partner and Head of Commercial at Flint Bishop LLP.

With a keen interest in advising IT and technology companies, David has also held various positions both as an in-house lawyer and on the boards of not-for-profit organizations.

David has also played a significant role in Cloudbooking’s growth and achievements as its commercial solicitor for the past nine years.

David will be responsible for Development, IT, Client Services, Marketing, and Sales operations, as well as managing the alignment and prioritization of company investments, and ensuring operational excellence across the business.

“Cloudbooking’s strategy has never been more compelling. With continuous development and customer care at its heart, we have won the hearts and minds of many new clients since the pandemic struck,” said Miller, Chief Operating Officer.

“I’m incredibly excited to help lead the company through its next phase of expansion, tied with operational excellence.”

“We are thrilled to welcome David to his new role as Chief Operating Officer,” said Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking.

“We continue to experience outstanding growth as companies look for guidance on how to leverage technology and data to bring agility to workplace strategies, while continuing to deliver superior employee experiences, boost real estate efficiency, and empowering a hybrid way of working in a post-COVID-19 world.

“This growth has increased our opportunities for expansion and operational expertise within the business, and it is here where David is uniquely qualified to drive strategic prioritization and accountability within Cloudbooking, with laser-focus on operational excellence.”

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