Okta Privileged Access improves zero trust security posture for organizations

Okta Privileged Access is a new product that unifies identity management with least privilege access controls for critical infrastructure to increase development speed, operational agility, and improve zero trust security in enterprise technology environments.

Okta Privileged Access

With Okta Privileged Access, the management of sensitive access to secure hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure resources is made accessible.

The explosive adoption of technology across the enterprise over the last few years has resulted in organizations using a wide array of critical computing resources.

However, the adoption of security policies for these hybrid and multi-cloud environments lags behind innovation.

Traditional privileged access management (PAM) solutions prove to be too brittle to adapt to the constantly changing resource and user types that come with cloud-based DevOps organizations.

To meet today’s needs, modern enterprises require a real-time, zero trust security strategy anchored in identity and privileged access management spanning IT, security, and engineering teams.

“Okta has had tremendous success helping customers secure access to their applications, APIs, and servers. Today, we’re taking that to the next level with Okta Privileged Access,” said Diya Jolly, Chief Product Officer, Okta.

“We’ve taken our centralized, identity-centric policy framework to completely shift the traditional shared account and credential model of legacy PAM, enabling just-in-time access through ephemeral credentials.

“With Okta Privileged Access, enterprises can efficiently achieve zero trust security at the deepest levels of the enterprise from databases and containers to fleets of servers.”

Securing critical computing resources with identity

Okta Privileged Access unites flexible, least privileged access requirements with identity to enable organizations to accelerate and strengthen zero trust security posture.

Fine-grained, user, and role-based security policies can be applied seamlessly from a central system to manage who can access what at the infrastructure level.

Further, compliance outcomes become streamlined by tying session logging to specific users in a centralized view.

Okta Privileged Access can be deployed to production faster than any alternative and builds on Okta’s proven success in securing critical infrastructure with Okta Advanced Server Access.

Benefits of Okta Privileged Access

  • Increase risk mitigation: Minimize the attack surface area of privileged accounts and credentials by offering just-in-time, least privilege access controls.
  • Reduce operational burden: Unite privileged access with identity to enable the retirement of legacy PAM products and error-prone manual operations.
  • Enable velocity at scale: Deploy with automation to remove barriers to cloud adoption and help support the delivery of highly available, resilient, performant, and secure production software.

“Thousands of servers power Zoom’s frictionless communications experience,” said Gary Chan, Head of IT Infrastructure and Employee Services, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

“And with millions of people turning to Zoom each and every day, security is very important for us, even at the deepest layers of our technology stack.

“Okta helps us to secure our core infrastructure at scale with a flexible, identity-centric solution for privileged user access and management.”

The power of identity

Okta is proud to deliver a comprehensive single control plane for access management, identity governance, and privileged access.

Okta’s unified platform meets enterprise challenges by bringing together core identity use cases in one centralized experience.

Okta’s unified approach to access management, identity governance, and privileged access delivers:

  • A single control plane: Leverage a single platform for identity governance and privileged access as well as one system to collect audit logs for compliance – making setup and management easier, while offering the best user experience.
  • Faster time-to-value: Achieve security, productivity, and compliance outcomes more quickly and effectively than any alternative through a SaaS delivery model that provides frictionless management across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.
  • Seamless automation: Enable end-to-end identity governance processes across applications, infrastructure, and APIs at any level of scale using Okta’s extensible APIs and no-code workflows.
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