Soliton G/On helps scale-up remote access by implementing zero-trust principles

Organizations need to control and protect the information they process. They face increasing pressure to understand their vulnerabilities, mitigate risks and lower the attack level. IT teams require solutions that support zero-trust principles, where no users or devices are trusted by default.

Soliton has seen rapid growth in users for its G/On solution across many industries, including national government agencies and law enforcement bodies.

G/On has proved particularly effective where organizations need to scale remote access provision fast. G/On removes the burden of complex existing solutions. It’s a business enabler: employees can continue to work, regardless of their location or device.

The solution only allows access to authorised users and devices. It completely separates company networks from the outside world.

It includes strong two-factor authentication, authorisation, data encryption, network protection and secure application access as standard. Organizations can scale up remote access in minutes not weeks, with built-in features for redundancy and load balancing.

Soliton has a clear vision to deliver identity-based, zero-trust solutions. G/On builds on Soliton’s noted pedigree designing effective solutions around zero-trust principles.

For example, in the NAC market, Soliton HQ in Japan has been the market leader for many years. Strength in this space means the company was well-positioned to extend expertise into the remote access market.

Go Ito, Commercial Director, Soliton Systems Europe, explains: “G/On enables us to help customers solve pressing remote access challenges. It grants access to people working outside the network, in a truly scalable way, without compromising security.

“The momentum we’ve seen reflects growing awareness in the market around zero-trust. It also highlights a refocus by companies on solutions that prioritise prevention. The pedigree of Soliton products means we’re well placed to support customers on their journey.”

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