Threat Stack supports AWS Graviton2-based instances through the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

Threat Stack announced its ability to support AWS Graviton2-based instances through the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform.

This capability comes at a critical moment as organizations increasingly move their workloads to AWS Graviton2-based Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances for performance and cost-savings benefits.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released Amazon EC2 instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors that leverage Arm Neoverse cores, delivering a significant jump in performance at a fraction of the cost.

However, the rapid adoption of AWS Graviton2 workloads presents a challenge for security leaders as many of today’s legacy tools do not support it.

Security teams need solutions that are compatible with AWS Graviton2 and can accelerate security and compliance for workloads running in this emerging environment.

“AWS Graviton2 represents major cost savings and performance benefits for our customers,” said Brian Ahern, CEO, Threat Stack.

“Our full stack security observability strategy is designed to help customers adopt new cloud technologies while still maintaining visibility to threats.

“We’re excited to add AWS Graviton2 to the list of instance types that we can help to secure.”

Threat Stack now supports Amazon EC2 instances powered by AWS Graviton2, with capabilities to collect relevant security and compliance telemetry, including user, process, file, and network behaviors.

With Threat Stack’s unique combination of telemetry collection, behavioral rules, ML-powered anomaly detection, and in-house SOC for 24/7 365 security coverage, customers can ensure they have visibility to possible risk across cloud workloads, even as they migrate to AWS Graviton2.

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