TOYO NetEyez simplifies network monitoring and helps to ensure enterprise network quality

TOYO announces NetEyez, a new network monitoring solution that visualizes entire networks including end-to-end communication using an intuitive and simple to use interface.

NetEyez empowers network engineers to perform effective network monitoring. For problems and issues that are detected, NetEyez helps accelerate time to resolution.

This TOYO-developed solution has been nominated as a Finalist for the Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2021.

Due to the increasing complexity of the IT environment in enterprises with digital transformation expansion, the proliferation of virtual environments, and the adoption of remote working, network engineers have been challenged to effectively monitor their networks, maintain security, and prevent downtime.

NetEyez provides an overview of entire networks by inspecting data that traverses throughout the enterprise network and pinpoints current issues and potential issues.

Equipped with advanced capabilities like application protocol and end-to-end communication analysis, network engineers can identify network performance, security and other issues in a matter of minutes.

Founded on the concepts of “Easy to deploy, Easy to operate, and Easy to understand,” NetEyez simplifies network monitoring.

  • NetEyez topology: At a glance, check the status of your network
  • Rackmount 1G/10G, Tower 1G/10G
  • Advanced functions with simple user interface:
    • Application protocol analysis function using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology
    • Analysis of End-to-end communication via proxy server
    • Visualization of SaaS services communication status
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