LinkSquares helps legal teams accelerate business contracts and deal negotiations

LinkSquares announced new features to help legal teams identify key insights from specific terms and clauses across all contracts and track strategic initiatives of importance to the business.

The new capabilities include Strategic Values, which are expert-selected terms to help uncover topics related to GDPR, HIPAA, mergers and acquisitions, procurement, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) and more to streamline and simplify the activity for critical legal and business initiatives.

LinkSquares Finalize customers will also gain new capabilities for DocuSign and a customized, native application for Salesforce that will simplify contract creation and approvals, and dramatically decrease the time-to-value for the digital transformation of legal teams.

Legal teams can now report on performance and advise on business risk in a fraction of the time.

Data privacy audits, risk obligation assessments, financial events and other major initiatives can trigger arduous, manual processes that can last for months.

Building on LinkSquares 50+ Smart Values and powerful AI, LinkSquares has introduced 73 new Strategic Values tailored to specific business focus areas or initiatives such as leasing and California Consumer Privacy Act requirements (CCPA/CCPR), as well as understand key obligations, renewals, and terms and conditions.

The new Strategic Values are dedicated values for LinkSquares customers to use to quickly track and uncover insights, respond to business needs or create custom reports or dashboards.

“The modern legal department needs to bring the same agility and data-driven counsel as its counterparts across the organization,” said Danielle Sheer, General Counsel of Bottomline Technologies.

“LinkSquares is a great tool to capitalize on AI systems to deliver accurate results faster to our sales and development teams, earning executive recognition and giving our business the strategic edge to adapt to a rapidly-changing industry.”

The LinkSquares releases will help legal, finance, sales, procurement, marketing and other contract stakeholders accelerate deals and reduce the time needed to gather insights for strategic business activities.

The Strategic Values help companies extract key pieces of data to ensure compliance, evaluate risk exposure, and protect important assets and intellectual property.

The new capabilities empower businesses to quickly respond to evolving regulatory landscapes or plan for trigger events of consequence.

LinkSquares’ new Salesforce application and DocuSign integration ensure teams can quickly use new insights and use the tools they like without disrupting existing processes or preferences.

The DocuSign integration in LinkSquares Finalize will allow legal teams to recapture time spent tracking down contract statuses and signatures.

The LinkSquares Finalize native application for Salesforce ensures sales teams have the flexibility to create, review and approve contracts within the platform and workflow of their choice.

With these expanded capabilities, teams can accelerate deals, shorten the time-to-value on contract management as well as accurately report and forecast opportunities based on their status.

“Contract management platforms need to be fully integrated into business processes and specifically enable the ability for companies to work where they want to work, with existing systems and in the context of their job roles to get the most benefit out of any platform,” said Vishal Sunak, CEO and co-founder of LinkSquares.

“Our native Salesforce application helps teams accelerate deals and provides full connectivity to supporting business functions without ever leaving the platform.

“The new Strategic Values deliver executive-level insights, which avoids lengthy review processes and gives businesses more advanced data to identify strategic opportunities.”

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