N-able partners with DNSFilter to provide MSPs with threat protection and content filtering

N-able (formerly SolarWinds MSP) announced a collaboration with DNSFilter to integrate its cloud-based security solution with N-able N-central and RMM, providing MSPs with threat protection and content filtering.

The number of phishing attempts continues to rise, with more than 2 million new phishing websites reported in 2020.

The new embedded capabilities will help give N-able partners robust protection against these types of threats, including phishing, ransomware, and zero day social engineering attacks.

DNSFilter relies on AI-driven threat categorization that can detect malicious domains up to 80 hours faster than static threat databases.

The new capabilities, slated to rollout in N-central this spring with RMM following later in the year, will give MSPs insight into web-based threats from within the N-central or RMM dashboards—while simultaneously providing an additional layer of security, as well as greater network visibility and user-based reporting.

“When computers are outside the borders of our networks, we need a service to help protect access to risky sites and DNS calls.

“The DNS protection agent protects our endpoints from those malicious DNS calls no matter the location or connection,” explained Jerel Howland, CTO at Mytech Partners.

“The partnership between N-able and DNSFilter is an exciting step to securing devices everywhere.”

“MSPs need to ensure they have a reliable web filtering solution, whether users are on or outside of the corporate network; the importance of this has soared rapidly with the rise in remote working and for a lot of organizations, these working conditions are here to stay,” said John Pagliuca, president, N-able.

“We know that SMEs are key targets of malicious advertising, phishing, and other harmful sites through DNS-based cyberattacks, and this partnership allows us to provide our partners with a proactive approach to web protection.

“High volumes of malicious websites are created every day, so the ability to classify and filter sites in real time is a must.”

“Adding an additional layer of protection through DNS filtering can mean the difference between a data breach that costs millions and everyone working safely without interruption,” said Ken Carnesi, CEO, DNSFilter.

“We have partnered with N-able as we both strongly believe that having multiple avenues of protection is a necessity for all businesses. After all, there has been a significant rise in targeted attacks by bad actors worldwide.

“Multilayered security is an integral part of a zero trust approach, and DNSFilter provides an important layer of protection at one of the earliest stages of a possible attack.”

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