InMobi UnifID enables quick integration with identity providers

InMobi announced the launch of UnifID, an offering designed to simplify and streamline identity resolution for mobile app publishers and developers.

UnifID (pronounced “unified”) works as a stand-alone solution or in combination with other alternatives that have entered the marketplace.

It is designed to help app publishers make their advertising inventory more addressable and thus more valuable to advertisers.

“We are proud to introduce UnifID, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind solution that will help our publisher partners make their inventory more addressable and thus more valuable,” said Kunal Nagpal, SVP and GM of InMobi Exchange, a division of InMobi.

“UnifID improves app publishers’ ability to monetize on their consented users with more advertisers, which will be more crucial than ever now that Apple has started enforcing its AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) framework.

“As omnichannel buying strategies become more central to advertisers and as the status quo of user-level targeting is impacted by changes from Apple and Google, it is more important than ever for app publishers and developers to work with platforms that allow them to amplify the value of hard-earned user bases in the most privacy conscious way.”

The unique identity solution is exclusively built for app publishers to simplify addressability and accelerate the monetization journey through numerous leading ID vendors in the market.

With UnifiD, app publishers can easily integrate multiple identifiers while collecting permissioned user data and transferring the corresponding IDs to the upstream demand partners for executing first party-based media buying.

UnifID allows publishers to choose and work with multiple identity players providing optionality for marketers to bid on or target users leveraging people-based identifiers in a channel agnostic way, instead of mobile ad IDs.

The new solution provides publishers with:

  • Seamless integration: A single window for publishers to select and integrate with the ID vendors of their choice with minimal legal, integration and operational efforts. Publishers can go live with an ID vendor in just a few clicks.
  • End-to-end management: UnifID does all the heavy lifting. It safely collects first-party data, retrieves and transfers the corresponding identifiers to demand partners and provides holistic lifecycle management for the identifiers.
  • Open solution: UnifID is an open and neutral solution made available to leading identity vendors and other monetization partners in the ad tech ecosystem.

In the first phase of the launch, UnifID will allow publishers to integrate with three identity providers: LiveRamp, ID5 and BritePool.

“InMobi has been an early adopter of LiveRamp’s addressability solutions in the mobile space, and while deploying our authentication-based technology across the mobile landscape,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, addressability and ecosystem at LiveRamp.

“UnifID provides mobile publishers the ability to more seamlessly integrate with people-based identity—like LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution—making consumer transparency and choice a priority.”

“ID5 is committed to making digital advertising addressable and privacy-compliant in every environment in order to help publishers and app developers prosper when mobile ad IDs and cookies are deprecated,” said Mathieu Roche, co-founder and CEO of ID5.

“The partnership with InMobi enables us to make our first-party identifier available to a wider audience, allowing app publishers to better monetize their audiences and advertisers to run targeted and measurable campaigns beyond the enforcement of the ATT framework.”

“We are excited to participate as a launch partner in UnifID,” said David J. Moore, CEO of BritePool.

“InMobi has succeeded in creating a new, high-value service for the mobile ecosystem that ensures user privacy while offering advertiser addressability.”

In the second phase, InMobi plans to integrate UnifID with additional ID providers such as Epsilon, Liveintent, Parrable and Zeotap to offer even more optionality to publishers.

And by the end of this year, UnifID plans to integrate with the other remaining large identity players that will allow unparalleled global coverage for publishers.

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