Veriff enables external use of AI-powered identity verification technology for developers and users

Veriff launched a private beta programme for the Verification Tool, a version of its identity verification software tailored for external use.

Prospective users interested in Veriff’s cloud-based SaaS system that enables businesses to integrate its premier identity verification technology directly into their own digital solutions and end user workflows can now sign up via waitlist for the service.

As the global identity verification market is booming, businesses are investing in the enhancement of their identity verification practices as advanced fraud prevention solutions become an operational requirement.

Veriff’s verification tooling leverages its AI-powered identity verification software in the form of an SDK or API, offering superior flexibility linked directly into the workflow of the customer for use within the organization’s app or website.

Once properly configured, business leaders will be able to access Veriff’s automated decision engine within their own security ecosystem.

With the Verification Tool, companies will have full control over the end-to-end customer acquisition process, including manual review and the final decision of whether to approve or decline a person going through the verification process. In this way, the customer has control over their end-to-end IDV process and customer acquisition.

“With the launch of our external verifican tool, Veriff is welcoming a new generation of partners into our ecosystem with a cost-effective, innovative approach to IDV service. We encourage new partners to sign up to the product waitlist to get in touch and find out if our verification tools would work for them,” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO.

“In our digital-first world that is ripe with fraud and cyber threats, consumers need a fraud prevention solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing digital behaviors. This latest offering will enable business leaders to do exactly that, and our Veriff team is excited to partner with them every step of the way.”

Verification Tooling Software would be a great fit for companies that have the KYC expertise and know-how available in-house, yet lack the necessary tooling to keep the decision-making process in-house.

Veriff is able to stop more fraud than any other industry player due to its video-first approach to identity verification. Veriff’s verification tooling software equips developers with key components of its innovative solution, including:

  • Assisted Image Capture built right into the end-user workflow
  • Ability to verify over 9,000 government-issued IDs from over 190 countries in 36 different languages
  • Biometric information extracted from photos for user confirmation
  • Liveness checks conducted behind the scenes
  • Automated collection of network and device analytics and driver’s license data point extraction
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