SnapAV acquires Access Networks to expand its portfolio with new products and managed services

SnapAV announced that it will acquire premier networking solutions provider Access Networks. The acquisition is expected to close later this month. The acquisition will broaden SnapAV’s networking portfolio with new products and managed services including system design, configuration, monitoring, and support.

“Adding Access Networks to the SnapAV portfolio enables our Partners to tackle any size commercial or residential network project,” said GPaul Hess, SnapAV Chief Product Officer. “The pandemic has affirmed our belief that a solid network infrastructure is critical in any home or business.

“Access Networks complements our OvrC-enabled networking solutions including Araknis and Pakedge solutions and strengthens our Partners’ ability to handle network deployments of any size for any need.”

Access Networks combines expert knowledge and experience with leading technologies to design and maintain sophisticated network solutions based on the principle of Keeping You Connected.

Through its products’ robust feature sets and distinctive ease-of-use and reliability, the company provides what Partners need to solve their customer’s most challenging networking problems.

“More SnapAV Partners can now do more complex networking jobs with greater confidence, knowing that they are supported by Access Networks. Their industry-leading team of professionals bring comprehensive experience and high-performance hardware solutions to the SnapAV networking product portfolio,” Hess added.

With Access Networks’ industry leading design and deployment services, Partners can confidently deliver rapid proposals to satisfy even the most demanding clients and projects.

Whether a Partner is bidding to work on a high-end residential property, a small business, or a corporate environment, Access Networks’ advanced managed networks and cutting-edge technologies, including Wi-Fi 6, helps ensure that the job gets done right the first time.

Their team of networking experts provides turnkey networking solutions, with custom designs created specifically for every project.

The design, hardware configuration, monitoring, and support that is included in the managed services results in a plug-and-play deployment that is secure, reliable and scalable, making its partners more efficient and productive while ensuring the best experience for their clients.

“By joining the SnapAV family, we believe our combined strengths will accelerate our growth and ability to offer broader and more comprehensive service solutions for our Partners,” said Access Networks CEO Bryce Nordstrand.

“We’re excited to see how, together, Access Networks and SnapAV will equip our partners with more capabilities and confidence to grow their business in a way that they wouldn’t have been able to before.”

Further amplifying that point, Access Networks President Hagai Feiner emphasized that, “This acquisition signals the start of the next great chapter in the history of Access Networks. SnapAV enables us to scale at an unprecedented rate in our core market while enabling us to develop and fully commercialize new market opportunities.”

SnapAV will soon integrate Access Networks solutions with the full family of existing products, including Control4, OvrC, Wattbox, Araknis, and Pakedge, to offer Access Networks deployments with more scale, better control and smart power built into the design.

Access Networks products will be made available through SnapAV’s e-commerce site and network of Local Pro Stores in the coming months.

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