CircleCI acquires Vamp to help engineering teams automate software delivery at scale

CircleCI announced the acquisition of release orchestration platform, Vamp. Combining Vamp’s release orchestration capabilities with CircleCI’s robust CI/CD platform will be transformative for engineering teams amid a growing need for increased change validation in the industry.

CircleCI has helped engineering teams automate software delivery at scale for nearly a decade. Their CI/CD platform allows teams to quickly build, test, and deploy software, letting engineering organizations focus on delivering value to users.

As nearly every company in every industry becomes software-based, the pace of change is set to increase. With this growth comes more complexities, broadening the responsibilities and importance of developers and engineering teams.

CircleCI’s acquisition of Vamp will empower these teams to keep up with evolving demands, allowing CircleCI to be a one-stop-shop for DevOps automation and change validation needs.

“At CircleCI, we recognize that the world of software development has evolved, and we are evolving right along with it. The emphasis on change validation is at the core of where we see the CI/CD market heading,” said Jim Rose, CEO, CircleCI.

“Vamp’s product and talent, combined with ours, accelerate us to provide the solutions our customers need to quickly and confidently build, test, and deploy software.”

As the two companies integrate their offerings, users will have access to a robust set of automated deployment capabilities as part of CircleCI’s CI/CD offering.

“We have worked hard over the last eight years to build a platform that makes software releases self-driving and self-healing for users. Joining CircleCI was an organic fit that will provide enhanced visibility and control for developers to build software in a more streamlined way,” said Nico Vierhout, CEO, Vamp.

In the coming months, Vamp will continue to support their product and customers like Parkius, Mimecast, and WeGroup as the product integration takes place.

In parallel, the team will join CircleCI, bringing the company’s global employee headcount to 550 and growing, doubling the size since early 2020.

“CircleCI’s rapid growth over the past several years demonstrates how critical DevOps practices like CI/CD are for companies to rapidly grow, innovate, and scale. The addition of Vamp to the platform broadens CircleCI’s surface area in the software delivery supply chain and brings CircleCI closer to the ultimate software end-user. This cements CircleCI as the leading cloud CI/CD platform available today,” said Cack Wilhelm, partner, IVP.

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