AppCrown partners with ShellBlack to deliver CRM experiences for financial services customers

AppCrown announced ShellBlack as an industry consulting partner for bringing AppCrown’s managed integration network into enterprise CRMs such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (“FSC”).

Today, financial services firms seeking help to integrate custodians, clearing, financial planning software, portfolio management systems, and other 3rd party industry systems can use AppCrown’s managed integration network to immediately integrate critical industry systems.

AppCrown’s integration network, which includes industry systems such as Pershing, Schwab, eMoney, and MoneyGuide Pro, will integrate into an enterprise cloud-based CRM system within 24 hours of entitlement and will automatically create customer records within the CRM. Following this integration, financial services firms will need an industry consultant who understands the sector to implement major CRMs such as Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

ShellBlack helps financial services companies of all sizes leverage Salesforce to drive efficiency, differentiate in a crowded marketplace, improve the customer experience, and grow their businesses. ShellBlack is a proven Salesforce partner that has completed over 1,000 customer engagements.

Their tenured team has developed particular expertise in serving the wealth management industry, guiding RIAs through Salesforce implementation, complex data migrations, system integrations, custom development, and platform optimization. They are viewed as a trusted partner as they take a personalized, consultative approach to help each and every client get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

“Our 10-year track record of building a turnkey integration network for enterprise CRM has come to this moment, being able to deliver 24-hour integrations for our customers and especially for Salesforce FSC customers. We are excited to work with ShellBlack to deliver tremendous, unique and proprietary CRM experiences for financial services customers utilizing AppCrown’s managed integration network.” said Ted Tsung, CEO of AppCrown.

“Advisors want a single pane of glass through which to view all of their client information and interactions. AppCrown fuels Financial Services Cloud with critical client data, and ShellBlack makes this information actionable – through visualizations, workflow automations, and analytics to deliver an optimum client experience. AppCrown’s breadth and depth of integration services enables advisors to take their business to the next level.” said Shell Black, President of ShellBlack.

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