IP Infusion and Edgecore Networks’ disaggregated networking solution now deployed at LINX

IP Infusion and Edgecore Networks jointly announced that the full network migration of its disaggregated networking solution at the London Internet Exchange (LINX) Manchester interconnection point has been completed.

Connecting over 980 networks in over 80 countries, LINX is one of the largest operators of Internet Exchange Point (IXP) services and was the first IXP in the world to adopt a disaggregated model at a large scale. LINX Manchester has more than 120 connected networks with traffic regularly exceeding 100Gbps. On April 22, the network hit a new maximum traffic peak of 187.14 Gbps, making LINX Manchester one of the busier Internet exchanges in Europe.

The aim of the LINX Manchester migration project was to shift the current technical infrastructure to the disaggregated model that was deployed on LINX’s secondary London interconnect platform (LON2) in 2018. Using open network switches from Edgecore Networks and the OcNOS network operating software from IP Infusion, LINX has been able to reduce their total cost of ownership and to bring greater levels of service quality to their customers.

LINX mirrored their LON2 set up at LINX Manchester with the Edgecore Networks/IP Infusion solution, moving away from the single supplier source to give IXP members increased flexibility and continued value for their membership. The scalable solution from Edgecore Networks/IP Infusion also allows LINX to implement the network redundancy to the exchange, a vast upgrade from an existing single point of failure.

“The disaggregated networking solution from Edgecore and IP Infusion is more cost effective and allows us to deliver more long-term technical improvements and capabilities faster,” said Mark Lloyd, Principal Network Engineer, LINX.

“We are proud of the role Edgecore Networks has played in this vital deployment for LINX. Edgecore’s hyperscale open switches with IP Infusion’s robust, high function NOS, allow LINX to deliver more flexible services at a lower cost. LINX pioneered the first open network IXP deployment, and we look forward to other operators embracing this innovative model,” said George Tchaparian, President and CEO, Edgecore Networks.

“The migration of the Manchester deployment gives another validation of disaggregated networking for mission-critical applications and serves as an excellent example for other service providers looking to upgrade their existing networks by adopting disaggregated networking solutions,” said Atsushi Ogata, President and CEO, IP Infusion.

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