Shujinko’s free automation software helps auditors and clients streamline SOC 2 preparation and readiness

Shujinko announced the availability of free automation software to help auditors and their clients streamline SOC 2 audit preparation and readiness. This free solution includes the full capabilities of AuditX for SOC 2, automating evidence collection, mapping and crosswalking, while dramatically streamlining audit workflow and collaboration for compliance certification.

Moreover, AuditX works across multiple audits and compliance frameworks, so auditors and companies can improve completeness, accuracy and readiness for PCI DSS, ISO 27001, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), NIST 800-53, IT General Control sets common to SOC 1 and SOX, and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). Best of all the software is designed from the ground up to simplify audit preparation, allowing companies and audit firms to better handle increased compliance workloads.

“Every auditor that has to struggle to collate and correlate evidence wishes they could streamline the audit process,” notes Scott Schwan, Shujinko CEO. “That’s exactly what AuditX does – and much more – allowing companies and firms alike to get through more audits, more quickly, without sacrificing completeness and accuracy, and without being forced to rubber-stamp a certification on a pre-determined timeline.”

Audit automation helps firms improve the certification process, ensure time/budget accuracy and address increased workload. However, the challenge is that automation must be simultaneously powerful enough for auditors, but simple enough for even unsophisticated clients.

That’s AuditX, and auditors are already gravitating to the software as akin to “next gen auditing” for its ability to improve evidence collection and streamline workflow. The software automatically gathers, organizes and tags evidence to improve clarity, and provides metadata and timestamps to boost completeness and accuracy. Evidence is automatically mapped to applicable controls – and even crosswalked across different frameworks – to save auditors additional time.

Companies can release evidence to the audit team as they go, and the software captures all notes, queries and context to improve knowledge sharing and continuity. AuditX even makes audit progress completely visible and transparent for both auditor and client, eliminating any “where are we on this?” back-and-forth.


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