BehavioSec’s new features boost enrollment speed, performance, and mobile fraud detection capabilities

BehavioSec announced new features added in its upcoming release of the BehavioSec behavioral biometrics platform – BehavioSense. BehavioSense continuously verifies digital identities in real time, instantly matching user sessions against their inherent and unique behavioral biometrics profiles.

Unlike legacy authentication techniques – such as passwords – behavioral patterns cannot be spoofed, stolen, or socially engineered, allowing organizations to improve security and the user experience for consumers tired of passwords, tokens, and friction.

“Our newest features respond to customer feedback and frankly, market demands,” said Jordan Blake, VP Products at BehavioSec. “These features add to our platform’s existing anti-fraud capabilities and are designed to solve the COVID-19 era challenge of accelerated digital transformation, online security, and privacy regulation compliance.”

This latest update from BehavioSec brings rapid enrollment, performance optimization, and advances in combating online fraud – especially for mobile users and synthetic identity detection, including:

  • Accelerated profile training – Human user profile enrollment is accelerated by over 5x through automated predictions of future behavior and a new behavioral inheritance technique. This groundbreaking innovation provides near instant behavioral biometrics profiles, often after a single user session.
  • Doppelgänger detection – The detection of duplicate data across multiple sessions and accounts to help identify new fraud patterns like Card Not Present (CNP), synthetic identities, or money mule accounts.
  • Improved mobile fraud detection – As consumers turn widely – or exclusively – to mobile channels, criminals race to aggressively capitalize on vulnerabilities. BehavioSense has new bot, burner phone, and mobile RAT and coaching detection capabilities.
  • Predictive modeling – Predictive modeling automatically observes and trends data for faster business rule creation and bot and aggregator categorization, providing detailed insight into all activity regardless of origin.

In addition, there are several usability and performance enhancements to the platform including the BehavioSense dashboard and an over 3x reduction in calls for server and database response execution.

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