HackerOne hires new leaders to drive the product roadmap

HackerOne announced that it is doubling down on its investment in innovation with the hiring of new leaders to drive the product roadmap. Ashish Warty has come aboard as Senior Vice President of Engineering and Rand Wacker has joined the company as Senior Vice President of Product.

HackerOne continues to innovate on its portfolio of offerings to address customers’ evolving pain points. Namely, the accelerated pace of digital transformation and continued growth of cloud computing have broadened attack surfaces and increased the complexity of securing them.

With the growing market understanding of the power of hacker-powered security in addressing these issues, customers are looking to expand the ways they work with skilled humans to reduce risk. HackerOne is investing in innovative solutions for customers and hackers, integrations into existing security operations workflows, and a broader use of vulnerability data.

“The impact HackerOne has had on the industry is incontrovertible,” said Warty. “But we are just scratching the surface in terms of applications for hacker-powered security and our ability to solve customers’ security challenges. I look forward to building tools that delight our customers and empower hackers to grow their skillsets, optimizing workflows to build reliable products, and attracting, retaining, and growing a best-in-class engineering team.”

“HackerOne has the power to be a true disruptive multiplier,” Wacker agreed. “Similar to open source, by harnessing the power of the hacker community, customers can achieve a stronger security outcome than any other approach to defending assets. What’s interesting about building products at HackerOne is that not only are we building tools and services for the organizations using our products, but more importantly we’re creating products for the global hacker community to help them achieve their goals. By empowering the community, we make our customers — and the internet — safer.”

Ashish Warty, Senior Vice President of Engineering, comes to HackerOne as an experienced engineering leader. He has led product teams for global organizations such as Airship, Dropbox, MobileSpan Inc. (acquired by Dropbox), Cisco, IronPort Systems (acquired by Cisco), among others.

Rand Wacker, Senior Vice President of Product, joins as a security industry veteran, bringing expertise from Box, CloudPassage, Cisco, IronPort Systems, Sendmail (acquired by ProofPoint), Amazon, and more, where he has driven product organizations on the cutting edge of security.

Warty and Wacker complement two additional executive hires from the past year: Tim Matthews as Chief Marketing Officer and Amanda Berger as Senior Vice President of Customer Success. These four executive hires came aboard in a digital-first world, tackling the unique challenge and opportunity to lead remotely.

This news is hot on the heels of a series of new product capabilities built to help global organizations easily scale their security and mitigate security risks where traditional security tools fall short. HackerOne’s new set of product capabilities provide organizations the visibility, context, and on-demand access to skilled security experts required to secure cloud workloads, investigate anomalous activity or meet compliance requirements all in one place.

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