Securiti for Workday enables organizations to protect employee and financial information

Securiti announced Securiti for Workday which enables Sensitive Data Intelligence driven Security, PrivacyOps, Governance and Compliance for sensitive employee and financial data in Workday. The company also announced a strategic investment from Workday Ventures.

Securiti’s platform uniquely integrates Sensitive Data Intelligence with Data Security and PrivacyOps automation to allow organizations to address security and privacy requirements accurately and cost-effectively.

This empowers organizations to embrace the “shared responsibility” model when using robust SaaS applications such as Workday, making sure they govern how their employees use the app and honor their regulatory obligations.

Securiti for Workday enables the following key capabilities:

  • Sensitive data intelligence: Discovers sensitive data, catalogs structured and unstructured sensitive data, and uses AI-based analysis to establish comprehensive sensitive data intelligence used for PrivacyOps automation and Security Management.
  • PrivacyOps automation: Automates all privacy functions for data in Workday including subject rights fulfilment, data mapping, user consent fulfillment, risk tracking, data incident investigations and more.
  • Security management: Enables dynamic access controls on sensitive data in Workday to meet security, privacy and compliance requirements. Monitors and detects security and privacy configuration drift and risky configurations impacting employee and financial data in Workday. Remediates any misconfigurations to avoid data exposure and compliance violations.

“Enterprises have the obligation to protect employee and financial information and use it responsibly, ” said Rehan Jalil, President and CEO of Securiti. “Securiti for Workday provides a unified platform to help enterprises meet these security and privacy obligations and stay continuously compliant with a broad range of data regulations.”

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