Stacklet Platform delivers frictionless governance that accelerates cloud adoption in large-scale environments

Stacklet announced Stacklet Platform, which allows cloud engineering and security teams to easily understand, codify, and automate cloud governance for a frictionless experience for development teams and rapid cloud adoption.

Developed by the creators and lead maintainers of Cloud Custodian, Stacklet Platform lets organizations simultaneously move fast and stay secure as they adopt public cloud services.

Organizations are accelerating the move to the cloud to ensure business continuity and innovation. However, many organizations identify governance as a key inhibitor to their cloud adoption journey, and a lack of visibility into cloud infrastructure introduces cloud security risks which presents a key challenge for customers as they move into the public cloud.

Additionally, organizations are struggling to enforce a fleet of policies that control usage, avoid potential breaches, and meet regulatory requirements across an ever-increasing number of cloud services and accounts — all while ensuring development productivity.

“Software developers are like kids in a candy store when it comes to selecting and configuring all of the public cloud services they want to use for creating their applications,” said Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director, EMA. “This makes governance hard and the number one challenge that delays cloud adoption and deployment. The idea behind the Stacklet Platform and the underlying Cloud Custodian open source project is so exciting as it disrupts the uphill battle for corporate IT to constantly chase after new accounts and application stacks to at least implement a minimum of compliance, security and cost controls.”

Innovating securely in the cloud

Governance as code is a new paradigm that enables organizations to use code to manage and automate various aspects of governance, including cost, operations, security, and compliance. Automation reduces the burden of maintenance, but also increases the visibility across cloud environments. Stacklet Platform allows organizations to shift to governance as a code model by providing real-time policy enforcement across all clouds via detection, notification, and remediation – all with an easy-to-write, declarative language.

“Innovating securely in the cloud requires a paradigm shift from traditional approaches to governance,” said Naor Penso, Senior Director of Product Security, FICO. “Governance as Code is a strategic need for us and our partnership with Stacklet enables us to build the ecosystem towards development teams enablement and dynamic guardrail enforcement, defined by our organization. Stacklet accelerates our approach to this model and empowers our security teams to automate and scale real-time, continuous evaluation and enforcement of our cloud governance policies.”

Designed in partnership with several Fortune 1000 organizations, Stacklet Platform extends Cloud Custodian with robust management capabilities, real-time cloud asset visibility, out-of-box policy packs, and other advanced features to help businesses innovate securely in the cloud at scale. Stacklet Platform enables organizations to:

  • Meet ever-changing compliance needs – by offering a set of best practice policies that address common security, operations, cost optimization uses cases in addition to compliance frameworks such as NIST CSF, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and CIS Benchmarks. The solution also allows you to customize policies according to your unique needs easily.
  • Improve security posture – through real-time enforcement of policies and automated remediation across a range of cloud platforms and services.
  • Reduce operational overhead and developer friction – associated with policy implementation and inconsistent cloud management by using a standard, easy-to-use policy language, and platform across all your clouds.
  • Control costs – by automatically identifying, right-sizing, and de-provisioning unnecessary resources.

Additionally, Stacklet Platform includes Stacklet AssetDB that provides visibility and insights into cloud resources and configurations via real-time streaming. Stacklet Platform combines this data with that of policy execution to give a complete, contextualized, and accurate picture of an organization’s clouds.

“Since we built Cloud Custodian, it has rapidly grown, with thousands of organizations adopting it and more than 300 contributors across the globe,” said Kapil Thangavelu, creator of Cloud Custodian, co-founder and CTO, Stacklet. “We developed Stacklet Platform to help organizations scale Cloud Custodian within enterprise environments to increase visibility, decrease risk and introduce frictionless governance.”

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