GBI joins Versa ACE Partner Program to deliver SD-WAN and SASE solutions to the Middle East

GBI (Gulf Bridge International) have announced that GBI has re-affirmed their long-standing relationship by joining the Versa ACE Partner Program. The companies are boosting their collaboration goals to further demonstrate their commitment to the Middle Eastern enterprise market, ensuring it has access to top tier SD-WAN and SASE products facilitating the digital transformation of the region.

The Versa ACE (Accelerate, Captivate, Engage) Partner Program is an ecosystem of partners that are committed to delivering exceptional customer value. The program will provide GBI with incremental and formalised sales, pre-sales and technical training that will focus on enabling them to build their competencies and specialties to remain Secure SD-WAN Specialised and become SASE Specialised.

As the global demand for SASE and SD-WAN continues to accelerate, Versa ACE Partners are incentivised to take advantage of their areas of specialism, identify and manage projects, and utilise Versa’s available sales and marketing benefits to open new revenue opportunities, which will enable partners, such as GBI, to differentiate themselves from their competitors both now and in the future.

Offering unparalleled bandwidth and low latency within the region and beyond, GBI’s terrestrial and subsea cable mesh network provides users with optimal performance across SD-WAN deployments.

Versa SASE with Secure SD-WAN was built from the ground up as a complete integration of best-of-breed comprehensive security and advanced networking. It delivers leading services for enterprises, combining full multi-tenancy, multiple deployment options, zero-touch provisioning and a broad set of security functions, such as next-generation firewall (NGFW), secure remote access, and unified threat management (UTM) services. GBI delivers these services via GBI’s Smart Network.

In a further sign of commitment to the region, GBI is also catering to a new generation of security needs through the provisioning of SASE capabilities. Connecting endpoints to the service edge, SASE provides flexibility and security through offering built-in security features to ensure secure access across the network. To support the required Points of Presence (POPs) for the service edge, GBI ensures connectivity availability across the Middle East, as its GBI Smart Network spans internationally meaning all endpoints are catered for and protected.

Cengiz Oztelcan, CEO of GBI explains, “we are fully committed to delivering exceptional SD-WAN and SASE products to the Middle East and are excited to be on this journey with Versa Networks. The nature of business and networks are changing, and digital transformation is no longer the future, it is the now. As such, providers of connectivity and security must evolve so that enterprises have access to best-in-class solutions and services that span on-premises and the cloud, protecting every corner of the decentralised network while providing the flexibility for employees.

“Versa Networks is at the top of its game, offering unparalleled SD-WAN and SASE solutions to enterprise customers, GBI’s Smart Network and our ability to connect to major cloud providers to help meet market requirements means GBI is a powerful choice for enterprises. We are thrilled to have strengthened our relationship so we can offer quality solutions to the region and further afield.”

“As more businesses adopt a digital-first approach to their operations, and with current network and network security architectures failing to effectively serve the requirements needed for modern enterprises, there is a need for networking capabilities that provide agility, flexibility, quality, and security, in a seamless and cost-effective manner” John Atchison, Head of Global Partner Marketing at Versa Networks adds.

“As we continue to support remote workers and a hybrid approach to business, it is the forward-thinking and security conscious enterprises that are turning to GBI seeking a solution to their cloud, networking, and security conundrum. GBI have been an important partner in the Middle East and we are delighted that they are joining our ACE Partner Program. GBI has extended their ability to deliver genuinely game changing SD-WAN and SASE solutions to redefine the future of network security in this flourishing region.”

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