Opengear Lighthouse Enterprise Automation Edition ensures network resilience at the edge

Opengear unveiled Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition, out-of-band management software solution to include automation capabilities and secure provisioning.

Part of a robust, new tier of product offerings, the Lighthouse Enterprise platform has evolved to give enterprise users full visibility and future-proof management capabilities across entire networks.

“We’re committed to offering industry-first, automation capabilities that provide customers with always-on access to their networks,” said David Fiore, Senior Software Product Manager for Opengear. “With a focus on modern automation technology and features such as secure provisioning and automation gateway, Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition has evolved to provide greater value. Now, customers can effortlessly browse resources on their remote management network without any additional software.”

As businesses deploy more edge devices and increase their reliance on network automation, secure out-of-band management and alternative access are more important than ever. To ensure always-on network connectivity and business continuity, Lighthouse Enterprise and Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition deliver high availability at scale to even the largest organizations.

Lighthouse Enterprise delivers security, automation and scalability. IT organizations can control a distributed network of critical IT equipment and devices. This ensures the redundancy and resiliency needed for evolving networks through multi-instance capabilities. Providing presence and proximity to critical devices, engineers control every aspect of their network through one central hub. Lighthouse Enterprise:

  • Supports up to 11 total Lighthouse instances
  • Provides software-defined infrastructure for remote IP access for each node
  • Enables access to MessageBus and all current or future plug-ins

Lighthouse Enterprise: Automation Edition provides automation to enable enterprises to optimally manage their networks. Secure provisioning enables users to easily provision new networks remotely, securely, and automatically.

Automation gateway provides Lighthouse users with the ability to programmatically discover and manage IP-based management interfaces via the Opengear management system – with the same level of simplicity and efficiency as if they were serial consoles. The Automation Edition:

  • Contains all features of Lighthouse Enterprise
  • Includes automation gateway for each node
  • Provides secure provisioning for every node

“Enterprises today are challenged to keep with the faster pace of change in network management,” said Fiore. “As use-cases evolve, Opengear is dedicated to continually developing new features that ensure customers have unparalleled network resilience at the edge, as well as leading technology and capabilities that positions them for the future.”

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