Cyber Reliant and Canopius offer warranty to protect data in commercial enterprises

Cyber Reliant announces a warranty by Canopius, one of the largest underwriters in the Lloyd’s of London market. The warranty protects commercial and institutional purchasers of Cyber Reliant data protection products with coverage of up to $5 million USD.

“Our platform provides methods for clients to implement enterprise-wide data protection on any data type, to include network protocol/packet data and IoT,” said Ricardo Bueno, CEO of Cyber Reliant. “Together, this warranty and the Cyber Reliant platform will enable customers to significantly reduce risk from both a governance and regulatory compliance perspective. This market-making solution finally makes it possible for the C-suite to connect policy and financial risk. Our methods include a zero-trust data protection architecture for privacy management that gives control back to the customer by eliminating the need for other privacy solutions.”

The Cyber Reliant platform is the only product rigorously tested by US Federal Laboratories as quantum resistant for protecting data at rest, in use, or in transit. It does this by transforming the data’s properties into quantum-secure fragments.

Regardless of if a network is breached, surveilled, or data is exfiltrated by malware or ransomware, the data will remain secure and available to the authorized user. The data protection company offers both federal and commercial data privacy solutions and addresses all major regulatory and compliance requirements.

Canopius is a global specialty (re)insurer, operating Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444. Not only does it share the Lloyd’s market Insurer Financial Strength ratings, but every one of its Lloyd’s policies are supported by: AA- (Very Strong) Insurer Financial Strength rating from Fitch, A+ (Strong) rating from Standard & Poor’s and A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best.

Matt Northedge, Global Head of Cyber & Technology at Canopius, said: “We’re always looking to support product innovation in the cyber market, and this warranty is a standout example of a smart solution to an ongoing problem for businesses. Bringing together Cyber Reliant’s quantum-resistant cybersecurity platform with our warranty protection blends our specialist skillsets and effectively offers businesses a ‘double lock’ of protection against data loss.”

The warranty service contracts are insured through a contractual liability insurance policy negotiated by William R. Carey & Co., (Allendale, New Jersey) and Mike Richardson of Tysers Insurance Brokers (London, United Kingdom) and issued by Canopius, Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444 (London, United Kingdom).

“Cyber Reliant’s innovative data protection platform represents a game-changing capability for securing sensitive data,” said Michael Carey of William R. Carey & Co. “Their approach and history of securing data for defense and intelligence customers is so compelling that we were able to secure a first-ever warranty through underwriters at Lloyd’s, London.”

Cyber Reliant is authorized to protect data in commercial enterprises that are key to protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure. Its markets include financial services, defense, healthcare and energy in North America, Latin America, Western Europe and Korea.

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