Neustar TRUSTID Solutions helps orgs improve contact center efficiency and comply with regulations

Neustar has launched Neustar TRUSTID Solutions, a suite of solutions designed to help organizations reduce fraud, improve contact center efficiency and comply with consumer protection regulations.

Mistrust permeates today’s connected world, creating negative experiences for consumers and costing organizations in every industry. Scam robocalls have driven consumers to reject most unknown or unsolicited calls, with 88% of business calls going unanswered, and rising identity fraud means many companies greet callers and digital visitors with equal suspicion — implementing time-consuming procedures that drive legitimate customers away.

Neustar restores trusted connections with its comprehensive suite of identity solutions and decision analytics tools:

  • Neustar TRUSTID Fraud Solutions help companies reduce fraud and friction in the digital and voice channels by efficiently signaling potential risks and letting legitimate customers through faster. By understanding the connections between a consumer’s offline and online identity, device, and behaviors, Neustar seamlessly authenticates individuals and quickly identifies interactions at risk of fraud.
  • Neustar TRUSTID Contact Center Solutions help companies connect with customers efficiently and effectively and drive positive consumer experiences. Neustar provides insights into individuals’ behavior, the best time of day and day of the week to reach them, and their preferred channel (call, text, email). In addition, Neustar helps to ensure that companies’ calls and texts are accurately displayed on consumer devices, and not incorrectly blocked or mislabeled as spam.
  • Neustar TRUSTID Compliance Solutions help companies ensure that they have the proper contact details for reaching out to consumers in accordance with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations and the Telephone ConsumerProtection Act (TCPA).

“To be successful in today’s connected world, organizations must build trust with every interaction. The greatest obstacle to establishing this trust revolves around the use of incomplete, inaccurate and outdated customer data,” said Robert McKay, senior vice president of Risk Solutions at Neustar.

“Neustar TRUSTID Solutions are powered by our identity resolution platform, OneID, which connects people, locations and devices to provide a single, authoritative view of each consumer. The strength of these connections helps to inform critical business decisions, drive positive outcomes, and make every call, text, email and online interaction count.”

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