Aqua Trivy chosen as the default scanner for GitLab Auto DevOps

Aqua Security announces that Aqua Trivy is now the default scanner for GitLab Auto DevOps. Customers can now automatically scan the GitLab CI pipeline for OS package vulnerabilities.

This change will take place as part of GitLab’s 14.0 release and is based on the results of a publicly available solution comparison and research process.

“One of the primary reasons behind the default scanner change was the ease of use with Trivy compared to alternative open source scanner options,” says Sam White, Sr. Product Manager at GitLab. “Other scanners often require two services or more to be up and running, before they can even start a scan. Trivy is simple and efficient. Trivy bundles the vulnerability database together with the scanner, and that’s one less service that we then have to start up and maintain.”

Collaboration with the open source engineering team was also a critical factor. White adds, “The Trivy project lead has been great to work with. It’s been night and day compared to some interactions that we’ve had with other security vendors. The close collaboration has been invaluable to us.”

The partnership with Aqua Trivy will continue with roadmap plans to scan containers running in production using Trivy with Aqua Starboard, Aqua’s open source Kubernetes Security toolkit. Moving forward, both Aqua Trivy and Aqua Starboard will form a fundamental part of GitLab’s Auto DevOps roadmap, enabling users with default security options.

“With the integration of GitLab with Trivy and Starboard, we’re aiming to provide an ‘on-by-default’ type of scenario, where if you’re using Auto DevOps to deploy into production, we’re running those scans by default and giving you the results,” said White. “GitLab and Aqua Security can enable that as a default out-of-the-box configuration, rather than something that users have to stitch together on their own.”

“This partnership provides both Aqua and GitLab users access to the comprehensive security tools they need to successfully shift left,” said Itay Shakury, Director Open Source, Aqua Security. “GitLab’s customers now have access to the best in open source vulnerability scanning, while the Aqua Trivy community can benefit from the powerful input and feedback from GitLab and its users. We’re looking forward to building the relationship further and allowing GitLab to leverage additional open source projects, like Aqua Starboard, to better schedule scan jobs in production environments.”

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