NS1 Connect: A unified application traffic automation and intelligence platform

NS1 unveiled NS1 Connect, a unified application traffic automation and intelligence platform for modern application delivery and networking teams. The cloud-based platform provides NS1 customers with unprecedented visibility, control, and automation so they can build and deliver application experiences at the distributed edge.

Applications today require infrastructure that ensures consistent, reliable, fast, and secure application experiences for audiences anywhere in the world. But often, application and network teams operate in silos with disparate tech that creates challenges and complexities.

NS1 Connect enables customers to unite application delivery and network teams, streamline management of internal and external network services, and gain valuable insight into application performance across global environments, regardless of the technology stack developers are using.

With the consolidated platform for DNS services and software for internal and external networks, DHCP, IP address management, and application traffic steering, customers gain massive operational efficiency, automation, control, and resilience for delivering applications at the distributed edge.

“As networks and applications become more diverse and distributed, we reach a tipping point. The teams responsible for building and delivering application experiences need modern, unified solutions that provide visibility, control, and automation,” said David Coffey, chief product officer, NS1. “With NS1 Connect, customers have an integrated, cloud-native delivery platform for managing network resources and orchestrating application traffic to enable exceptional user experiences, drive IT efficiency and modernization, and ensure application reliability and security.”

NS1 Connect provides a single portal for deploying, configuring, and monitoring the NS1 portfolio of application traffic automation and intelligence solutions across the entire network footprint. NS1 customers can also integrate their own data sources and control points to maximize the effectiveness of NS1’s intelligence, response, and visibility capabilities.

NS1 Connect includes a secure, single-sign-on portal with granular access controls, unified APIs, and integrated management tools to provide a centralized control plane for DNS and network services.

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