Mercury Systems EnsembleSeries HDS6705 provides security and data center-class processing

Mercury Systems announced the EnsembleSeries HDS6705 blade server, the embedded computing general-purpose processing 6U OpenVPX blade server with built-in security for the most demanding aerospace and defense applications.

For applications needing the same built-in security protections in a more balanced performance/watt configuration, the EnsembleSeries LDS6708 single board computer is also available.

“We’re putting an end to the industry assumption that embedded computing solutions can’t provide both advanced security and high performance without compromising one or the other,” said Joe Plunkett, vice president and general manager, Mercury Embedded.

“Not only can you get security and data center-caliber processing capability from a single 6U OpenVPX module, but you can also deploy it in the harshest, most space-constrained environments at the tactical edge. Our Gen 4 BuiltSECURE pre-integrated security technology, designed and developed in trusted and accredited facilities, provides our customers the assurance that critical mission data remains safeguarded against adversarial threats. It’s another example of how Mercury provides secure capabilities, delivered uncompromised.”

HDS6705 blade servers are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-enabling Second Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and feature advanced ruggedization and high-speed switch fabric interconnect technologies that deliver secure multifunction processing capability. The blade servers are optimized for size, weight, power and cooling to enable the data center-class processors to operate at maximum performance while delivering the highest meantime between failure.

An OpenVPX architecture makes the blades ideal building blocks for developing software-agnostic embedded AI-capable processing systems, and a SOSA-aligned design approach enables rapid modernization — both of which reduce program cost and offer scalability and interoperability.

Designed, manufactured, coded, and supported in the USA from DMEA-accredited facilities, Mercury’s secure rackmount and embedded processing solutions safeguard valued technology, critical IP and confidential data against adversarial threats even when a host system has been compromised.

EnsembleSeries HDS6705 blades are expected to be available in the second quarter of CY2022 in conduction-cooled, Air Flow-By and Liquid Flow Through options. The lower-density EnsembleSeries LDS6708 6U OpenVPX single board computer, which offers physical security protections along with the reliability of Intel’s Xeon E and Core i7/i5/i3 processing performance at a lower power requirement, will also be available in early CY2022.

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