LoginID SDK empowers developers to integrate FIDO strong authentication into their websites or apps

LoginID announced additional SDK options for developers. These SDKs empower developers to integrate FIDO strong authentication into their websites or apps.

A recent PYMNTS report has referenced the importance of strong authentication methods such as biometrics possibly reducing fraud up to 90%, and according to Juniper, an expected growth to 1.4B biometric payments users by 2025.

The new SDKs can be found on PYPI for Python developers, NPM for Javascript developers, and available at LoginID for Java developers. “LoginID is focused on taking a very developer focused API approach in our products and these three releases reflect our commitment to improving speed in integration with our authentication solutions. FIDO by way of its industry support has become a de facto standard for strong authentication, with wide acceptance in the technology community. ” says Pasan Hapuarachchi, CTO of LoginID. Developers are encouraged to review LoginID’s documentation for other integration options.

The announcement comes on the heels of LoginID releasing their WordPress plugin, enabling WordPress developers to integrate FIDO in as little as 5 clicks.

Further supporting its commitment to the FIDO Alliance, LoginID is a sponsor of the FIDO developer challenge, a competition that provides developers an opportunity to showcase their technical and creative skills around the implementation of the FIDO standard.

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