MariaDB partners with AWS to bring MariaDB SkySQL to the cloud

MariaDB announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring MariaDB SkySQL to the cloud, ensuring massive scalability and availability for businesses deploying high-performance database-as-a-service (DBaaS) on AWS.

The collaboration enables deeper product integration and a go-to-market relationship that better serves joint MariaDB and AWS customers, and those enterprises ready to execute cloud modernization strategies.

Combined with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)/AWS Fargate and global AWS scale, SkySQL can deploy MariaDB on AWS as a distributed SQL database for scalable transaction processing, as a multi-master cluster for continuous availability, or as a multi-node columnar database for data warehousing and analytics requiring high availability and/or scalability.

“SkySQL is the first and only DBaaS to bring the full power of MariaDB Enterprise to AWS, combining powerful enterprise features and world-class support from the source with massive scalability, high availability, and predictable, affordable pricing,” explained Kevin Farley, director of strategic alliances, MariaDB Corporation. “Customers will maximize time to value and future proof their public cloud investments by taking advantage of this collaboration and how SkySQL unlocks what’s possible on AWS.”

The switch to MariaDB has provided both performance and cost advantages for Movista, providers of a mobile-first retail execution and workforce management platform. According to Josh Millstein, Movista’s VP of platform engineering, the company’s switch to the enterprise version of MariaDB running on AWS provided significant advantages. “As our main database, MariaDB is central to our business operations,” he explained. “We’ve expanded its use in the last year, and it has delivered more predictable database sizing and performance over our previous system. By working directly with MariaDB, we’re able to gain control over our database system and we always have access to the latest innovations from MariaDB.”

“We are thrilled to see MariaDB SkySQL launch on AWS,” said Adrian De Luca, head of partner solution architecture, AWS SaaS Factory. “Working closely with our team at SaaS Factory, the AWS Partner Network (APN), and AWS Marketplace, MariaDB was able to design and implement an easy-to-use and comprehensive database-as-a-service on AWS within a few months. We’re proud to see MariaDB reach this incredible milestone.”

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