Belkin’s secure KVMs achieves NIAP Protection Profile 4.0 certification

Belkin announced that its latest generation secure KVMs have been certified for the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Protection Profile for PSD 4.0 standard. NIAP’s review and certification follows Belkin’s Common Criteria certification achieved in May of 2021.

Secure KVMs maintain air-gap network isolation while improving an operator’s efficiency and effectiveness in working across multiple security enclaves in government, military, finance, healthcare, and other critical infrastructure applications.

Belkin’s next generation of secure KVMs are designed to deliver universal video compatibility for administrators and installers and elevated user experience for operators.

“We are honored and deeply appreciative of NIAP’s certification,” says John Minasyan, Director of Product Management, Cybersecurity Business Unit, Belkin. “With the expanded definitions offered by NIAP’s PP PSD 4.0 standard, Belkin is eager to deliver a portfolio of products that adheres to and exceeds requirements while taking full advantage of Belkin’s keen focus in improving the user experience across operators, administrators, and installers.”

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