D2iQ Kubernetes Platform now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

D2iQ announced the availability of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP), including D2iQ Kommander, D2iQ Konvoy, and D2iQ Kaptain, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure.

D2iQ customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.

The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform provides customers with the technology, services, and support they need to be successful with Kubernetes in production. DKP includes D2iQ Kommander, D2iQ Konvoy, and D2iQ Kaptain.

D2iQ Kommander is an advanced control plane that brings centralized observability, federated management, and granular cost control to any conformant Kubernetes cluster. Kommander provides comprehensive logging and monitoring across all clusters, federated management that delivers policy-driven control and secure provisioning of services—even on shared, multi-tenant infrastructure, and integrated cost control to lower your TCO.

D2iQ Konvoy is comprehensive, enterprise grade pure open source Kubernetes with Day 2 services integrated and tested at scale. Konvoy offers faster time-to-market with automation that provisions and installs a complete, flexible, and opinionated open source Kubernetes distribution.

Konvoy provides flexible deployment options to empower deployment both on-premises and in the cloud with reliability—even in air-gapped environments—and includes enterprise-grade supportability for the complete stack of operational technologies being leveraged.

D2iQ Kaptain is an end-to-end machine learning platform for Kubernetes that ensures models make it to production simply, quickly, and reliably. It provides Machine Learning on any infrastructure: in the cloud, on-prem, even in air-gapped environments. Kaptain helps customers to deliver models to production with speed and agility, seamlessly moving models from development to production. And Kaptain comes with end-to-end expert support, to ensure customers can get help when they need it, 24X7X365.

“We are pleased and proud to make the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP), with its components Kommander, Konvoy, and Kaptain, available to our customers in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace,” said Tobi Knaup, CEO and Founder of D2iQ. “This makes it easier for customers around the world to discover and use DKP to quickly achieve success with Kubernetes in production, including in advanced use-cases such as machine learning or at the edge.”

Jake Zborowski, General Manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. said, “We’re pleased to welcome the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, which gives our partners great exposure to cloud customers around the globe. Azure Marketplace offers world-class quality experiences from global trusted partners with solutions tested to work seamlessly with Azure.”

The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling cloud solutions certified to run on Azure. The Azure Marketplace helps connect companies seeking innovative, cloud-based solutions with partners who have developed solutions that are ready to use.

D2iQ simplifies and automates the really difficult tasks needed for enterprise Kubernetes in production at scale, reducing operational burden and TCO.

As a cloud native pioneer, we have more than a decade of experience tackling the most complex, mission-critical deployments in the industry. That’s why some of the most sophisticated organizations in the world have chosen us as their cloud native partner, including GE Healthcare; BMW; multiple branches of U.S. Homeland Security and the D.O.D.; and many others.

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