Entrust and Red Sift simplify adoption of email sender authentication based on BIMI standards

Entrust announced an expanded partnership with Red Sift to simplify and streamline the adoption of strong email sender authentication based on Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standards.

BIMI is a cross-industry effort to standardize the transmission and use of brand logos in recipients’ emails. As email has become more critical than ever for organizations to connect and communicate with their customers, the ecosystem is looking to BIMI as an opportunity to increase the wide adoption of email authentication while simultaneously providing senders with a way to provide their customers a more immersive experience. Email recipients using participating email providers will see verified brand logos from BIMI users in their emails.

Entrust and Red Sift: A streamlined onramp to BIMI

Using BIMI requires a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) from an authorized Mark Verifying Authority, which works alongside an organization’s Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) protocol policy. Entrust, which worked with the BIMI AuthIndicators working group on the initial concept of the VMC, is partnering with Red Sift, a leading DMARC provider to simplify the customer experience in support of the BIMI rollout.

Now, with Gmail announcing its support for BIMI, Entrust and Red Sift can offer brands a streamlined onramp to using BIMI to provide customers a better and more trusted brand experience in Gmail and other supporting email providers. Brands can obtain Entrust VMCs on the Red Sift OnDMARC platform, creating a simplified, cost-effective process backed by expert support.

“Entrust and Red Sift offer VMCs and DMARC service respectively to authenticate marketing email communications with a registered logo and prevent email spoofing using DMARC technology,” said Chris Bailey, vice president of Trust Services at Entrust. “Our expanded partnership offers brand marketers and InfoSec teams the peace of mind that they can easily secure and maintain the certificates needed in one seamless platform to ensure their email communications meet BIMI standards.”

Integration reduces friction, enables self-service certificate lifecycle management

With one single pane of glass view, customers now have a simple and cost-effective way to boost their outbound email strategy and brand presence through end-to-end service in one online destination. Red Sift and Entrust customers can now:

  • Access both VMCs and DMARCs through one, self-service vendor platform (OnDMARC), reducing friction and simplifying BIMI achievement.
  • Purchase VMC certificates directly through Red Sift consolidating the BIMI process to a single vendor.
  • Easily access and manage VMC and DMARC records and VMC lifecycle management including checking certificate status, renewals, verification statuses, as well as editing and reapplying.

“Our goal with this expanded partnership is to offer an easy, full-service experience that supports organizations looking to enhance control of their brand, provide an immersive experience for their customers and improve email deliverability with DMARC,” said Rahul Powar, CEO at Red Sift. “We’re not only building a strong, collaborative relationship with the Entrust team to accomplish this, but both organizations also made a significant investment in this integration for the benefit of the marketplace. You can see this come to life in the robust services we provide our customers together.”

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