Soracom Arc enables multiple IoT connections through a single management platform

Soracom launched Soracom Arc, a service that allows anyone developing IoT solutions to leverage Soracom’s IoT platform using any internet connection, including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite. This “blended” connectivity lets users mix multiple connectivity technologies while controlling their entire network through a single, unified management platform, making IoT networking capability available to a wider array of industry solutions.

Since 2015, Soracom’s suite of network and application services made advanced IoT capabilities widely available, including cloud integration, private networking with virtual private cloud, secure remote access, and on-demand packet capture. However, until recently, those services were only available when using Soracom’s cellular connectivity, Soracom Air.

The announcement of Arc fulfills a long-standing customer desire to leverage Soracom’s platform services regardless of connectivity technology.

Arc empowers individual developers, startups, and enterprises alike to build IoT solutions using their connectivity of choice, with the unique ability to easily switch or add connectivity options as requirements change, without rearchitecting applications. Regardless of internet connection, deployments get the benefit of a fully virtualized network stack, multiple network security options, and 17 other network application services.

In addition to creating blended IoT networks incorporating multiple connectivity options, this new service gives IoT innovators additional benefits, including:

  • Soracom services available over any Internet connection. Arc provides anyone developing IoT solutions secure access to the Soracom suite of 17 network and application services, including cloud integration, private networking, data optimization, secure remote access, and on-demand packet capture.
  • Fluid connectivity and elegant failover. As existing deployments expand, Arc helps reduce common challenges associated with introducing new connectivity options. Likewise, Arc allows devices to offload data transfer from cellular to Wi-Fi when in range, while maintaining cloud integrations.
  • Accelerated prototyping. Developers can now prototype with Soracom’s network and application services using their existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection, without the need to check cellular coverage, purchase a SIM card and modem, or commit to a cellular connectivity plan.
  • Secure communication over public networks. As devices are deployed to new locations, Arc helps developers maintain end-to-end secure connections over any available public network internet connection, even on networks they do not control.
  • Zero-touch provisioning when using the Soracom IoT SIM. Managing credentials for each device presents a significant challenge as IoT deployments grow. Devices provisioned with a Soracom SIM can take advantage of Soracom’s zero-touch provisioning to obtain the configuration and credentials needed to connect to the Soracom Arc endpoint.

“We’ve always wanted to give IoT innovators the option to connect devices to our platform in whichever way is best for them,” said Kenta Yasukawa, co-founder and CTO, Soracom. “Soracom already supported cellular and LPWA connections. The ability to access Soracom services over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or satellite dramatically expands the range of options available to those creating new IoT experiences. Now, anyone developing IoT solutions, anywhere in the world, can experience the deep set of features within the Soracom toolkit and start building amazing technology that could truly lead to a more connected world.”

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