Votiro introduces an AWS S3 bucket connector to reduce risk of weaponized files in storage buckets

Votiro announced the addition of an AWS S3 bucket connector to its Secure File Gateway solution suite. This capability will allow customers working with AWS storage to safely view, download, and engage with files, without compromising on security, productivity, or file fidelity.

Votiro AWS S3

With this new capability, all files hosted within AWS storage will be delivered to the Votiro Secure File Gateway, powered by Positive Selection technology. Votiro disarms the file of any malware, creating a completely safe version of the file. After the file has been processed, it is returned to the S3 bucket—replacing the original file with the tagged, sanitized file—and safe for users to open, save, edit, and share without risk.

The Secure File Gateway retains original and processed files in storage for a defined period of time. Users will be able to customize these features, such as where the file will be stored and the period of time they are saved for, based on their organization’s requirements.

“We’ve witnessed enterprises rapidly migrate to the cloud and increase reliance on file-sharing capabilities. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that S3 buckets have become a prime target for malicious actors, especially ransomware attackers,” said CEO of Votiro, Aviv Grafi, “We’re proud to offer customers a way to ensure threats are prevented before they enter the network, regardless of the channel in which they enter. This new feature will ensure organizations can interact with documents and attachments within AWS storage without risk of malware penetration.”

Votiro’s Positive Selection technology targets virtually all the exploited file formats and protects against the most advanced, persistent cyberattacks. Unlike traditional security solutions, Votiro is able to protect organizations from both known and unknown threats, without interrupting business operations.

Votiro is revolutionizing how enterprises protect against file-borne threats by singling out only the safe elements of each file and neutralizing latent malware or other file-borne threats.

Additionally, through Votiro’s partnership with Menlo Security, customers are now able to access a connector that enables them to download files from Menlo Security’s Global Cloud Proxy with an Isolation Core without risk of hidden malware or threats.

The S3 bucket connector is easy to set up, secure, scalable, and maintains the high performance standards delivered by Votiro’s Secure File Gateway.

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