Unbound Security partners with HashiCorp to offer integrated encryption key management solution

Unbound Security announced its partnership with HashiCorp to deliver a fully integrated encryption key management solution for enterprises.

“This integration streamlines guarding secrets and key management and offers customers a seamless solution to meet their secrets management needs, that is underpinned by centralized key management which delivers the highest levels of security,” said Asvin Ramesh, senior director, technology alliances at HashiCorp

HashiCorp Vault protects secrets and sensitive data across multiple clouds, systems, and endpoints. It enables enterprises to store, access, and distribute secrets like API keys, AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL database credentials, X.509 certificates, SSH keys, and more.

Enterprises looking for an extra layer of security for encryption keys can now integrate with Unbound Security’s CORE platform to keep the master encryption key safe using multiparty computation (MPC).

The integration between Unbound CORE MPC Key Store and HashiCorp Vault enables key advantages:

  • Master key wrapping: Unbound CORE encrypts the Vault master key to provide maximum security and comply with FIPS 140-2 regulatory requirements.
  • Automated unseal: Master keys are encrypted CORE, allowing users to automatically unseal Vault. This eliminates the need for manual operations using vulnerable keys, thereby improving the security posture. Operators of Vault can now leverage secure auto-unsealing via CORE. This also prevents downtime due to restarted servers waiting for manual Vault unseal operations.
  • Key synchronization: Unbound CORE automatically synchronizes keys across datacenters. This ensures availability and performance for Vault instances deployed in multiple regions.

Unbound CORE creates a virtual mesh for enterprise key management, protection and use. Keys are securely stored and managed wherever they are needed – in any data center and cloud. It enables an organization to manage all keys using a single pane of glass. The platform uses secure MPC, a subfield of cryptography that allows multiple parties to jointly compute any function while keeping their respective inputs private.

Rocco Donnino, vice president of strategic alliances at Unbound stated: “Key management is a crucial component in enterprise security. The challenge is siloed, fragmented infrastructure, housing keys on different clouds, on-premises and in HSMs. With this partnership, HashiCorp clients can now easily integrate with Unbound CORE and have the confidence that their master encryption key is safe from both external and insider threats.”

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