AnyVision OnPatrol: A tactical surveillance mobile app for law enforcement and military personnel

AnyVision announced the availability of OnPatrol, a tactical surveillance mobile application that protects law enforcement and military personnel by recognizing persons of interest and alerting officers in real-time via their mobile device (e.g., phone or bodycam).

“Public trust in the safety and security provided by law enforcement agencies is of paramount importance. AnyVision OnPatrol can help de-escalate potential threats and prevent physical harm by identifying criminals and dangerous individuals in real-time through our Recognition AI technology,” said Dieter Joecker, AnyVision’s CTO. “It is designed specifically to recognize and check individual faces against a designated watchlist — even when people are in motion, captured in poor lighting, or partially obscured by surrounding people.”

This type of watchlist alerting stands in stark contrast to other facial recognition solutions, which leverage neural networks to compare photos at a crime scene against a massive database of pictures to find possible matches. Instead, OnPatrol identifies only persons of interest that have already been flagged as a dangerous or missing person, protecting the privacy of bystanders.

The timing of the release dovetails with the recent announcement by the U.S. Justice Department that the Bureau of Justice Assistance is releasing $7.65 million USD in a competitive microgrant grant solicitation that will fund body-worn cameras to any law enforcement department with 50 or fewer full-time sworn personnel, rural agencies (those agencies within non-urban or non-metro counties), and federally-recognized tribal agencies.

Some of OnPatrol’s key benefits include:

  • Police protection: Improve police safety, situational awareness, and community service by allowing officers to assess the threat level of people around them in either 1:1 encounters or in group environments.
  • Low- or no-bandwidth environments: Whether underground or in remote areas, OnPatrol can still provide security alerts in real-time if a person of interest is identified from the body camera or camera glasses. Thanks to edge computing, the entire video analytics process happens offline within the officer’s body camera or smartphone.
  • Lower cost option: Because video footage is analyzed directly from the mobile camera or body camera, this eliminates significant costs for servers, bandwidth, and infrastructure typically associated with high-volume video collection and analysis.


AnyVision’s OnPatrol is currently available.

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