Mitch Lowe invests in UseCrypt to offer privacy in the field of telecommunications

Mitch Lowe – co-founder senior executive of Netflix, long time president of Redbox and Moviepass, has joined UseCrypt. The official announcement took place in Monaco, during the Monte Carlo Streaming Film Festival. The cooperation assumes USD 3.5m funding for a project that guarantees people genuine privacy in the field of telecommunications. The UseCrypt platform is now available on AppStore and Google Play.

UseCrypt is a global, decentralized communication system that connects users, eliminating intermediaries. The originators and founders of the project is a group of Polish cryptographers and entrepreneurs. Since April 2019, the owner of the company is the American-Israeli Lazar Vision Fund, led by Yuval Rabin. The application has been tested by the world’s leading authorities in the field of cybersecurity, including Oded Vanunu of Checkpoint Software Technologies.

The system is a package of products that provide communication at every level (telephone, e-mail, messages, group meetings, cloud, streaming). The common denominator is total communication security. The primary product is the UseCrypt Messenger, the first application that encrypts the database in the messenger on the smartphone, preventing extraction of the content of conversations from a device.

“Until now, I have received shares in return for advising companies with which I have worked. UseCrypt is the first project in which I have decided to invest a significant amount privately and dedicate my personal commitment to make UseCrypt successful. It offers hope to give people back genuine privacy in the area of communication” – said Mitch Lowe during the reception at Yacht Club de Monaco, held by UseCrypt.

UseCrypt Messenger – a communicator that enables secure exchange of messages and phone calls; UseCrypt Video – a platform for videoconferences and private conversations over the Internet; UseCrypt Safe – a desktop application for storing data, encrypting and securing e-mail messages and data in the cloud; UseCrypt Live – a streaming platform available to subscribers of the premium service, enabling chat and watching the icons of the entertainment industry live, which is just making its debut.

Usecrypt tentative roll-out in September will be an all-in-one service package – Zoom, Dropbox and WhatsApp – for a monthly subscription, providing decentralized encryption and a security control feature. “It will be a value proposition, about a 70% discount from wat you would pay for these unlimited services individually.” Every month users will be given a token to pay for the next months or keep as an asset. “It is a very interesting way to introduce people to cryptocurrencies, something that is clearly on an upward trend.” – concludes Mitch Lowe.

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