Product showcase: ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

Software and hardware vulnerabilities are an ever-present threat to every enterprise. In response to the tedious and time-consuming processes often associated with traditional vulnerability management, enterprise IT administrators have started looking for better alternatives that can integrate with their existing IT management framework.

In this product showcase, we bring to you Vulnerability Manager Plus from ManageEngine. Vulnerability Manager Plus is an enterprise security program that can be used as a stand-alone tool as well as a security add-on for the much larger Unified Endpoint Management solution ‘Desktop Central’.

The solution integrates with the existing Active Directory framework of an enterprise and follows an agent-server model. Agents, which are the lightweight software that runs in the background of end-user machines, are responsible for collecting and reporting the state of every machine back to the main product server, installed at a centralized location.

Vulnerability Manager Plus

Advanced threat discovery with prioritization

Vulnerability Manager Plus detects threats across network endpoints and displays them on an intuitive dashboard. Vulnerabilities are displayed according to their severity, which allows IT admins to focus on the ones that require their immediate attention.

By prioritizing critical vulnerabilities first, product users can catch threats as they appear, and can safeguard their network from potential breaches that may otherwise slip out of their radar.

Vulnerability Manager Plus

Zero-day vulnerability mitigation

When patches for known vulnerabilities are not readily available from vendors, Vulnerability Manager Plus helps tighten security with the required configurations to mitigate threats.

In the event that a patch isn’t available for a publicly known vulnerability, the product can deploy mitigation scripts to prevent an exploit of this vulnerability. Once a patch becomes available, Vulnerability Manager Plus notifies users so they can apply the fix immediately.

Integrated cross-platform patching

Vulnerability Manager Plus features an extensive patch management console that allows you to automate the distribution of patches for machines running on Windows, Linux and macOS.

The onboard library of pre-tested third-party software updates saves significant time in manually downloading and preparing patches for deployment. Furthermore, product users get to automate the detection fully and distribution of patches, customized to suit their business requirements.

The product runs periodic scans to collect data from the endpoints in the network, and organizes this information for maximum ease of interpretation. This enables IT admins to quickly gather insights to understand the state of managed systems. Some of the insights are as follows:

  • Network patch status
  • Missing patches by severity
  • Missing patches by approved time
  • Missing patches by released time

Detection and remediation of security misconfigurations

Vulnerability Manager Plus detects flaws and inadequate security configurations from across the network and displays them in the console for admins to take quick action. These configurations include password policies, logon security, account privilege management settings, and antivirus protection. Admins can then deploy the correct configurations to systems right from Vulnerability Manager Plus.

Vulnerability Manager Plus detects flaws and inadequate security configurations from across the network

High-risk software uninstallation

Software that has reached its end-of-life, peer-to-peer applications, and remote desktop sharing tools are considered high-risk software. Vulnerability Manager Plus displays high-risk software that’s installed on any system in the network, and admins can choose to uninstall those applications from the same console.

This feature adds an additional layer of security by only allowing applications from within the ‘safe zone’, as dictated by your enterprise to be installed on to client systems.

Timely distribution of antivirus definition updates

IT admins can perform audits for antivirus software in their network to determine if all antivirus solutions have the latest definitions. Vulnerability Manager Plus handles every aspect of network security, helping to take a stand against the various cyber-threats targeting enterprises today.

As seen in many of the ManageEngine products, organizations can start securing their network now with a 30-day free trial, after which they can upgrade to one of the paid versions.

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