Infinipoint DIaaS solution offers zero trust security posture for devices

Infinipoint announced a Device-Identity-as-a-Service (DIaaS), its device identity and security posture solution that is part of a zero trust approach to secure device access.

Infinipoint DIaaS

Infinipoint also announced $11 million in funding from JAL Ventures, Emerge, and Hetz Ventures. Strategic investors and advisors include Ron Myers, former SVP of global channels for Palo Alto Networks; Pradeep Aswani, serial entrepreneur, US distribution and channel veteran and cybersecurity investor; Issy Ben-Shaul, serial entrepreneur, cloud technologies expert, and Director of Engineering at Google; and Ravi Ithal, founder of Netskope and founding engineer of Palo Alto Networks.

“Today most of the workforce is working from anywhere and accessing remote services, potentially from multiple devices. While the user is authenticated, the network is encrypted, and the SaaS application is secured, the device is often overlooked. As a result, the device has become the weakest link in the organization’s IT security. It’s no use authenticating users if they are on a vulnerable device as this can open the door for an attacker to access your sensitive data and services,” said Ran Lampert, co-founder and CEO, Infinipoint.

Infinipoint is pioneering the DIaaS security category and is the only solution that provides Single Sign-On (SSO) authorization integrated with risk-based policies and one-click remediation for non-compliant and vulnerable devices. This reduces risk by protecting access to an organization’s data and services while transforming devices to support security posture.

Infinipoint is able to do all this in a productive way that maintains business continuity with no disruption to the workforce. Infinipoint acts as a single enforcement point for all major identity providers including ForgeRock, Okta, Ping Identity, and Azure Active Directory, as well as business services such as Salesforce, Google Workspace, Office 365 and AWS.

A zero trust security posture for devices is an essential and urgent requirement with a work-from-anywhere workforce. This is highlighted in every major Zero Trust reference architecture and guidance, including from Forrester, Gartner, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and NIST. The NIST Special Publication on Zero Trust Architecture (800-207) states “the enterprise monitors and measures the integrity and security posture of all owned and associated assets. No asset is inherently trusted.”

The only way to ensure true zero trust for devices is through real time security upon user authentication with a deep and dynamic scope, while ensuring business continuity at the same time. The Infinipoint DIaaS solution is the only one on the market built by design to meet these requirements.

“Our customers understand the importance of zero trust and Identity working together. Leveraging device posture to achieve real-time continuous authorization is essential for any modern zero trust implementation,” said Ben Goodman, senior vice president, global business and corporate development, ForgeRock. “By leveraging the device visibility Infinipoint provides, ForgeRock’s Intelligent Access can dynamically adjust a user’s authentication experience and level of access to align with their degree of risk. Infinipoint can remediate issues of device risk before ForgeRock will allow access to a protected resource.”

“Partnering with Infinipoint enabled us to improve and maintain our connected devices security posture for our more than 1,100 employees. We’re very impressed by what the Infinipoint team accomplished, the results so far have been far beyond our initial expectations,” said Dikla Ramot, CISO, AppsFlyer, a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform leader and Infinipoint customer.

“Infinipoint gives our customers device-based conditional access to any service, enabling us to not only inventory and assess the vulnerabilities of all devices accessing the customers’ services, but also to allow users to remediate issues with one-click and seamlessly continue their workflow,” said Kai Mallmann, CEO, DTS Systeme, multinational IT services provider and Infinipoint partner. “Infinipoint delivers the missing piece of the puzzle, and together we are delivering an innovative solution for a recent and critical problem.”

Infinipoint’s co-founders Ran Lampert and Elad Wexler were part of the core team which created the product known today as Cortex XDR – Palo Alto Networks’ pillar offering at the endpoint. Recognizing that IT teams did not have complete, accurate, and up-to-date authentication data from devices, the duo were compelled to design and create a purpose-built solution specifically to address this challenge. While other identity and access management vendors have attempted to incorporate this functionality, they have yet to build a device-centric solution that operates with simplicity at the speed and scale necessary to maintain visibility and control over IT assets in modern digital environments.

The Infinipoint DIaaS solution is generally available.

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