Syxsense unveils two solutions to manage and secure endpoints

Syxsense released two new solutions built to facilitate the remediation of the current rash of malware.

Syxsense Secure now includes the ability to scan, report and remediate security vulnerabilities with a single workflow. Traditional security scanners identify possible attack surfaces, but rarely offer a solution to immediately close the threat vector. Patch Management solutions resolve OS vulnerabilities but leave the more complex security vulnerabilities untouched. Using either solution alone blindly completes only half the job and leaves businesses open to a breach.

“While threat and misconfiguration detection is critical in today’s IT environment, on their own they’re no better than watching the approach of a speeding train,” said Ashley Leonard, Syxsense founder and CEO. “With Syxsense Secure you can immediately remediate the threat, in essence, avoiding the train’s path entirely.”

Syxsense Secure leverages the drag-and-drop workflow capability of Syxsense Cortex v2, also announced and available now. Syxsense Cortex v2 is a visual drag and drop designer that easily automates complex actions directly on the endpoint. Cortex-enabled “intelligent endpoints” respond in real time when changes or missing configurations are detected. Among thousands of uses, existing Syxsense Secure customers use Syxsense Cortex to easily solve previously complex routines like VM Host Patching, multistage server patching and device monitoring.

Syxsense’s intelligent tools detect and report vulnerabilities in a full spectrum of security families including Crypto Mining, Firewalls, Antivirus, Backdoors, Port Scanners, PTP, Social Networking, Windows Policies and more.

“With these releases, Syxsense Cortex and Syxsense Secure work together as a powerful one-two combo to detect and resolve security issues in live-time,” emphasized Leonard. “The two fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and routines for automated security and patch remediation.”

Syxsense Cortex is included with Syxsense Secure at no additional cost. Syxsense is offering free, fully-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days.

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