Silverfort joins IDSA to help organizations implement identity-based zero trust

Silverfort announced it has joined the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), a nonprofit that provides vendor-neutral resources to help organizations reduce the risk of a breach by combining identity and security strategies.

Silverfort will work with the IDSA on initiatives to inform organizations on the latest security threats and present best practices for implementing an identity-based zero trust framework across modern hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

“Currently, organizations are managing identity across an array of silos including cloud-native systems and on premise infrastructures like Active Directory. This complexity increases security risk,” said Julie Smith, Executive Director of the IDSA.

“We are pleased to have Silverfort join the IDSA and lead discussions on the need to consolidate and orchestrate identity management and threat detection across cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.”

“Implementing identity-based zero trust represents the best approach for preventing account takeovers, lateral movement and other attacks that utilize compromised credentials to access resources within enterprises’ on-premises and cloud environments,” said Hed Kovetz, CEO at Silverfort.

“We look forward to working with the IDSA and its membership on initiatives to help organizations unify identity management and decrease risk across their entire attack surface.”

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