Product showcase: Preventing video piracy with VdoCipher

Video piracy is a global issue for premium content creators and accounts for an estimated loss of $40 to $97 billion globally in video revenue. Video piracy is rampant in both industries of e-learning and media, as course creators, movie and web series platforms see millions of users using download plugins and extensions to grab videos illegally. We present to you a secure video hosting solution that prevents online video piracy and helps video businesses increase their revenue.

Preventing video piracy with VdoCipher

Video DRM encryption

VdoCipher ensures that premium videos are not downloadable using any plugins, tools, hacks etc. This is implemented via DRM-based video encryption, since video DRM offers high security from video piracy. VdoCipher is a direct license partner for Google Widevine DRM and also provides integration for Apple Fairplay DRM.

VdoCipher ensures that your videos are stored and streamed in an encrypted format with the highest key exchange security. Multiple DRMs are used for device compatibility.

Dynamic Watermarking

While screen capture can be blocked in mobile apps, to discourage screen capture on websites, VdoCipher provides a user-based dynamic watermark feature that allows a watermark (user email, user ID, IP or time stamp). Customisation options are available for the color, speed, transparency, and size of watermark.

Additional control features in terms of geo, IP restriction, domain restriction are available.

All you need to do with VdoCipher is upload your video on the VdoCipher portal. VdoCipher takes care of encoding, encryption, player and streaming protocols. You can then embed the video code on your website or app. Embedding can be done using different options including iFrame, a WordPress Plugin, APIs & SDKs. VdoCipher’s optimized encoding for video makes sure that videos can be streamed seamlessly in places with poor connections.

Product showcase VdoCipher

How to embed and secure videos with VdoCipher

The ease of integration with the highest security in mind is the key differentiator for VdoCipher:

1. Upload/Import – After you sign up for a free trial, you can upload the video or import it from the URL/Dropbox/Google Drive/server. Video processing for streaming quality and multiple device encryption takes place in the backend, thus processing can take some time. There is also an option of uploading via APIs for developers.

VdoCipher upload

2. Embedding the video on your website/app – After the video is uploaded, you will see the embed menu which provides all the options for video embedding. You can choose as per your site/app development method.

3. Domain restriction – Option to restrict all videos on domain/geo basis is available in the configuration section of the dashboard.

Product showcase VdoCipher

Many businesses use WordPress for their video website, VdoCipher provides a plugin that allows integration with plugin and shortcode in a website. Similarly, there is a plugin for moodle.

VdoCipher WordPress

Mobile app integrations – VdoCipher provides native SDKs for integration in Android and IOS apps, and also has an offline secure download playback functionality in mobile apps.

Advantages of using VdoCipher’s secure video hosting platform

  • Increase video revenue: Pirated content reaching a wide audience results in a lower number of people registering on your video platform, and thus stopping piracy will lead to increased video revenue.
  • Protection of your copyrighted/trademarked content: Your content is your biggest asset. Illegal access to your content also threatens your intellectual property, and you lose out on your branding as well.
  • Global and scalable content delivery with top tier CDNs: VdoCipher relies on AWS global CDN Cloudfront which is available on 6 continents with over 200 edges. CDN also ensures that in case your traffic increases suddenly, it is automatically managed at VdoCipher’s end.
  • Dashboard & APIs for video management and building workflows: The video dashboard has additional functionalities like folder, tags, video settings (subtitle, thumbnail change) and all features + automations are possible via video APIs.
  • Quality support: VdoCipher has worked on building a lot of support tutorials, documentation and has a dedicated support team to look into your queries.
  • Video analytics: You get insights into your audience behaviour by tracking number of views, watch completion, popular device/browsers etc.

Free 30 day trial

VdoCipher provides a full free version trial to allow you to upload and embed with security features in place. So, please go ahead and register today to start your free trial.

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