Kaizen Approach leverages Citrix secure access solutions to enhance employee experience

Applications, data and people are the most valued assets of any organization and must be protected at all costs. But security can’t get in the way of work getting done. It’s a delicate balancing act. Kaizen Approach recognizes this. And the firm is adjusting its playbook to better manage it.

Leveraging cloud-delivered digital workspace and secure access solutions from Citrix Systems, Kaizen has created a modern security framework through which it can help itself – and its clients – deliver a simple, secure work experience that empowers employees to work when, where and how they want while keeping their information and devices safe.

Changing the game

“Work has fundamentally changed, and security needs to change with it,” said Melissa McCoy, Chief Technology Officer, Kaizen.

“Employees aren’t coming into the office every day to connect to the corporate network. Instead, they are working from anywhere. And they expect to be able to connect to the resources they need to get things done – wherever they happen to be. It is critical that companies provide this flexibility to keep them productive and engaged, but it can’t come at the expense of security.”

Moving to the cloud

How is Kaizen delivering on this? By moving to the cloud and leveraging solutions from Citrix to secure all the tools, apps, content, and devices that employees need and prefer to use and deliver them in a simple experience that can be customized to fit their personal preferences and evolving work styles.

Among the solutions Kaizen has embraced: Citrix Workspace, Citrix ShareFile, Citrix Secure Workspace Access, and Citrix Analytics for Security.

“We had a desire to put most of our IT in the cloud being a small company, and we naturally gravitated towards a company that we felt had good fundamentals when it comes to security and reliability,” McCoy said.

Simplifying the experience

Using Citrix Workspace, Kaizen has created one digital workspace where all its important applications can be securely accessed. And leveraging Citrix Secure Workspace Access, it provides a Zero Trust architecture so that employees can securely and easily access these applications and collaborate to do their best work.

Citrix Secure Workspace Access is a VPN-less solution that delivers zero trust access and SSO to corporate web and SaaS applications for managed, unmanaged and BYO endpoints, giving end users flexibility and choice while improving the overall security.

“Our team is excited about the simplicity of their experience,” McCoy said.

Securing the fort

And McCoy is excited about another Citrix solution, Citrix Analytics for Security, and the ability it gives her to assess, detect, and prevent risks in real time by continuously monitoring user behavior and end user device posture without hindering the user experience.

“Citrix Analytics for Security is my current favorite product, as it allows us to protect our assets in a way that is completely transparent,” said McCoy, who uses the solution to set up conditions and define actions to take based on those conditions across the cloud-based Citrix services she has in place.

“When one of our employees took an international vacation and tried to access data, we had defined a policy to detect logins from outside the U.S. and block them and it worked as expected with a full audit trail that was automatically delivered.”

Citrix provides a powerful set of secure access solutions that combine a full cloud-delivered security stack integrated with identity-aware Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to protect employees without getting in their way.

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