Action1 RMM enables AllCode to improve the security and efficiency of its remote operations

Action1 announced that its RMM system enabled AllCode to significantly improve the security and efficiency of its remote operations.

Founded in 2014, AllCode is headquartered in San Francisco, California, U.S., and has offices in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. When COVID-19 hit and the company switched to remote work, the IT team struggled to properly support, secure, and manage its 200+ endpoints, and started looking for a cloud-based RMM tool.

Joel Garcia, CTO at AllCode, chose Action1 RMM for the comprehensive set of remote IT management functionality it offers in a single platform, and for its flexibility. Using the software, the company has gained the following benefits:

  • Centralized endpoint management. Action1 RMM helps the IT team deploy software and patches, inventory software and hardware, run tasks, and provide IT support — all remotely.
  • Automated patch management. The IT team can schedule Windows and third-party software updates at each AllCode office based on its time zone.
  • Enhanced productivity. Managing all of the organization’s entities from a single console has saved the IT team a lot of time and improved their effectiveness.

“Action1 RMM’s extensive feature set and built-in Remote Desktop are a great benefit to us; we have gained control over patching across all our computers and can deliver high-quality IT service to our remote workers,” says Joel Garcia.

“The new normal of remote work requires organizations to change their approach to IT management, driving a demand for RMM tools that enable security and operational efficiency worldwide — non-contact and in a few clicks,” says Alex Vovk, CEO at Action1.

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