Online tests could help organizations plug the skills gap

IT certifiers need to scale up their programs to combat a global skills shortage. Continuing to use online tests after the pandemic will help organizations deliver certifications quickly and at scale, says Questionmark. This will help plug the skills gap.

online tests

Global demand for modern technology skills is rapidly outstripping supply. In the US, tech positions are among the hardest to fill. The UK has created 100,000 new jobs in the tech industry since the start of the pandemic.

The most-in-demand skills across the US, UK and Australia include cybersecurity, organizational change management, enterprise architecture and advanced analytics.

Online assessments make it easier for people to participate

The higher education system is struggling to keep up with this demand for new skills. A US survey of education officials found that 52% are struggling to attract instructors with sufficient experience. Many campuses do not have the capabilities and associated technical support.

This means that certification programs that focus on upskilling the current workforce are essential to meeting the growing demand for skills.

online tests

John Kleeman, Founder of Questionmark, said: “Certification bodies need to pick up the pace to ensure that firms have the modern skills they need. Online assessments enable them to test an unlimited number of candidates.”

Online tests cut down on travel time and make it easier for people to participate. Even with the easing of social distancing requirements, online assessment can prove far more time and cost efficient, effective and environmental than asking candidates to travel to test centers.”

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