Cyware CTIX Spoke allows ISAC/ISAO members to take necessary actions on ingested threat intelligence

Cyware unveiled CTIX Spoke, a dedicated threat intelligence processing and collaboration platform that enables ISAC/ISAO members to automatically ingest as well as share threat intelligence back with their ISAC/ISAO. CTIX Spoke allows ISAC/ISAO members to take necessary actions on ingested threat intelligence, thereby helping security teams achieve crucial threat visibility and better protect their infrastructure from advanced attacks.

Cyware CTIX Spoke

“Smaller security teams have historically had difficulty sifting through and prioritizing copious amounts of threat data to turn intelligence into actionable insights. Adding to that, enterprise threat intelligence platforms are often out of reach for growing security teams due to limited resources,” said Avkash Kathiriya, VP of Research and Innovation at Cyware.

“CTIX Spoke is purpose-built to offer an accessible threat intelligence module for ISAC/ISAO members interested in operationalizing threat indicators (IOCs) shared by their ISACs/ISAOs and other threat intelligence feed sources. With CTIX Spoke, security teams can achieve threat intelligence automation within their existing environments, helping them to quickly and accurately identify potential threats and take action swiftly.”

CTIX Spoke allows security teams to receive, view, and automatically action threat indicators of compromise (IOCs) from their ISAC/ISAO or other threat intelligence sources. ISAC/ISAO members can automatically action intelligence feeds directly in security tools using the built-in out-of-the-box SIEM Connectors and SOAR integrations, enabling a constant flow of threat intelligence sharing between ISACs/ISAOs and their members.

How is CTIX Spoke different from an enterprise threat intelligence platform (TIP)?

Enterprise threat intelligence platforms (TIPs) are typically designed for large security teams with advanced security maturity, large infrastructure, and a high budget. As a result, security teams with limited resources and budgets are left out and cannot operationalize the threat intelligence they receive from their ISACs/ISAOs. CTIX Spoke solves this problem for growing security teams by offering an affordable threat intelligence processing and collaboration solution that enables bidirectional sharing, analysis, and actioning of threat intelligence (IOCs) sourced from ISACs/ISAOs and other STIX 2.x sources.

Who can avail CTIX Spoke?

Only those organizations who are members of an ISAC/ISAO can avail CTIX Spoke.

How can ISAC/ISAO members avail CTIX Spoke?

ISAC/ISAO members can reach out to their respective ISAC/ISAO (preferred) or the Cyware team to avail CTIX Spoke.

How much does CTIX Spoke cost?

Unlike enterprise threat intelligence platforms that are expensive, CTIX Spoke is highly affordable and aligns with most security budgets.

How can my ISAC/ISAO benefit from CTIX Spoke if they are not using CTIX Enterprise?

ISACs/ISAOs who wish to increase their threat intelligence sharing capabilities and improve member CTI ingestion can deploy CTIX Enterprise, presently being used by more than 15 large ISACs/ISAOs, as their hub. This will allow their members to leverage CTIX Spoke for facilitating automated bidirectional threat intelligence sharing with them.

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