NS1 integrates with Datadog to bring real-time data and reporting at the distributed edge

NS1 announced enhanced support for Datadog, the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. A new integration brings the power of real-time data and reporting to Datadog users for improved visibility and monitoring of applications at the distributed edge.

As IT complexity explodes, application and network teams are challenged to collect, visualize, and act upon the deluge of data from disparate sources. They need end-to-end visibility into real-time conditions and solutions that connect into existing workflows so that they can identify, triage, and troubleshoot issues quickly and make more informed decisions about application health and performance. Now, teams can monitor and report on NS1 services within the Datadog platform, providing a single source of truth for observability across the modern tech stack.

“With Datadog and NS1, companies can implement full-stack observability with automatic, real-time adjustments and insights to help navigate changing conditions across the internet, cloud, networks, and infrastructure,” said Danielle Russell, director of product marketing at NS1. “NS1 now connects with more observability solutions so that customers can deliver consistently exceptional application experiences while driving efficiency and automation.”

This is NS1’s second integration with Datadog. The company’s first integration, released in 2016, allows customers to push Datadog monitoring data into the NS1 platform to automate application traffic policy decisions based on near-real-time alerts. With this second integration, Datadog users can now export from NS1 key data points for analysis and management, including query use over time, top zones by query volume, and monthly account usage metrics.

An out-of-the-box dashboard makes it fast and simple to get started with data visualization within the Datadog platform. Teams can also tap into NS1’s Pulsar real user monitoring and resource availability data for greater network visibility. With these combined solutions, customers can easily provide all of their DevOps, NetOps, and SecOps users the centralized visibility they need to monitor application delivery reliability and performance, troubleshoot issues, and effectively manage resources wherever their users and applications are located.

“We’re excited for NS1 to join our partner ecosystem and integrate with existing Datadog performance and security monitoring,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, senior director of product at Datadog. “The critical first step for users to access a web application is a successful DNS lookup. Using the NS1 integration to optimize DNS queries, manage costs, and catch security issues like DDoS attacks, developers will be able to deliver great digital experiences from start to finish.”

NS1’s integration with Datadog makes it easy for customers like Sovrn to import and act upon meaningful DNS insights. As an AdTech exchange provider, the company relies heavily on DNS to get bid traffic into the best data center possible. Senior Site Reliability Engineer Scott Young explained that hosted DNS solutions have always been difficult to monitor with precision. NS1’s Datadog integration provides a new level of visibility and control.

Now, they will know the effects of a record TTL change to the number of queries for that record within a few minutes and be able to quickly back out of a TTL that is set too low. They also use Datadog Monitors to set up alerts for if they are above their expected usage so they can remediate before it becomes an overage situation.

“Having access to NS1 usage and queries per second metrics in Datadog for long-term collection enables us to see trends and make week-over-week and month-over-month comparisons that combine with other data to confirm platform health and provide inputs to capacity planning,” said Young. “With highly detailed, near-real-time data, our team has more confidence to try new traffic management configurations without fear of an expensive overage. The best part is how easy it was to implement. Any Datadog agent can be configured to gather NS1 statistics in minutes.”

NS1’s application traffic intelligence and automation portfolio makes applications faster, more reliable, and more secure.

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