IDrive 360 enables entire machine backups for businesses

IDrive 360, an enterprise-scale endpoint cloud backup solution from IDrive is now enabling businesses to backup entire machines with the addition of cloud-based disk-image backups.

IDrive 360

This new feature allows users to backup single/multiple partitions, or run a full image backup of the hard drive including the operating system (OS), system settings, installed applications, application configurations, and associated VMs, directly to the IDrive Cloud. This allows for full point-in-time restores of the backed up system data without requiring any operating system installation.

Ideal for businesses of any size, IDrive 360 enables IT departments to oversee data protection for their entire company, allowing them to implement backup plans for units, groups, or individual devices. This ensures that every bit of data generated by endpoint devices is backed up and ready to be recovered in case of a data loss disaster.

Administrators can now enable image backup for their managed endpoints directly from the IDrive 360 backup console, along with creating backup sets and modifying the backup settings and schedule. After the full initial image backup, subsequent changes are backed up incrementally and synced with the existing data through automated data synchronization.

Image Backup with IDrive 360 supports snapshot-based image restores for point-in-time recovery of data backed up to the cloud. The historical backups function as recovery points so users can perform data recovery from a specific period of time, allowing for reliable protection from ransomware. Image backup maintains up to 50 previous backup versions of the files in the account.

Along with snapshot-based recovery, users can perform full system restores directly from the cloud, individual file/folder or volume-level restores, and WinRE-based bare-metal restore.

IDrive 360 starts at $29.50/computer/year for 2TB storage/computer license and unlimited users. There is also a full-featured free 7-day trial available, no credit card required.

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