DDN and Tintri announces IntelliFlash N6000 series to enhance latency and throughput for file services

DDN and Tintri announced the IntelliFlash N6000 series. This next-generation NVMe-based system optimizes the user experience across all workloads, eliminating IO contention and enhancing IT efficiencies with autonomous AI-driven operations. DDN and Tintri also introduced higher-capacity IntelliFlash H6000 series hybrid systems that easily scale to multiple petabytes, so customers can flexibly combine both primary and secondary storage – NVMe performance and hybrid cost-efficiency – within a single appliance.

The new IntelliFlash N-Series systems and enhancements to the IntelliFlash H-Series hybrid systems reduce cost and complexity by simplifying business processes and consolidating all enterprise workloads. Businesses can eliminate hardware sprawl and disparate data silos with a scalable Intelligent Infrastructure that features concurrent multiprotocol access and adaptive flash management.

CommLink IT, enterprise IT service provider and Tintri partner with over 35 years of experience, relies on IntelliFlash as a key solution to meet its customer’s unique needs.

“The new N-Series and updated H-Series strengthen the IntelliFlash portfolio, and have helped CommLink IT secure new customers with use case requirements such as larger NAS environments that demand consistent high-performance,” said Dustin Miller, president, CommLink IT. “The ability to provide NAS and SAN, virtualized and non-virtualized workloads and different storage media – concurrently in a single system – that can scale to multi-petabytes is a major selling point for enterprises looking to consolidate workloads and different storage media types.”

IntelliFlash customers benefit from the mature and proven NVMe platform from DDN, with the performance, scale and reliability required by modern applications. With this release, existing IntelliFlash customers can also benefit from performance enhancements that further improve latency and throughput – particularly for file services.

“With the new IntelliFlash N6000 series and enhanced H6000 series, we are strengthening Intelligent Infrastructure and advanced data management services for at-scale as well as enterprise customers,” said Dr. James Coomer, senior VP of products, DDN. “As customer needs evolve, the IntelliFlash platform adapts to match application demand and business priorities with its agile storage approach, whether in all-flash or hybrid environments.”

Other benefits include:

  • N-Series: NVMe performance with enterprise reliability and ease of use: Fault-tolerant DDN storage platforms and the reliable NVMe technology are combined to serve demanding at-scale environments – delivering market-leading throughput and the lowest latency, while requiring minimal storage expertise.
  • H-Series: Combines cost-effective NVMe performance with deep capacity HDD: A full-service intelligent storage infrastructure, which delivers exceptional value, including dynamic and adaptive flash management software, combines NVMe with high-density HDD expansion for tens of petabytes of usable capacity.
  • Simplified operations for file and block workloads: IntelliFlash supports concurrent SAN and NAS protocols, to scale consolidated workloads and lower TCO without sacrificing performance. Customers can also consolidate virtualized and containerized applications with structured or large unstructured at-scale data sets used in AI, analytics and HPC applications.
  • Increased efficiencies with deeper insights and AI-driven analytics: IT teams can leverage cloud-based analytics to maximize uptime and resource efficiency on IntelliFlash systems worldwide. Cloud-integrated support simplifies customer operations by protecting production environments against downtime, performance degradation and security breaches, and rapidly resolves bottlenecks with application, VM and system level insights.

“Our customers greatly appreciate the ease of use, excellent system analytics and health management capabilities that enable IT generalists to run IntelliFlash systems. The all-in-one licensing approach is really the icing on the cake, making it much easier to deliver high value from the start and avoid making customers feel like they’re in a continuous purchasing process,” said Miller.


The IntelliFlash N6000 Series and enhancements to the IntelliFlash H6000 Series will be available early Q4 CY 2021. The expanded range of IntelliFlash systems will be available directly from DDN, Tintri and through certified partners.

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