Zero trust security solutions widely adopted, spurred by surge in ransomware

Over a decade after the zero trust security concept was first introduced, Ericom’s survey results indicate that zero trust solutions are being widely adopted.

zero trust security solutions

Spurred by the recent sharp increase in ransomware and other sophisticated cyberattacks, the majority of organizations – 80% – have concrete plans to enable zero trust security solutions within the next year, with over half planning to begin implementation during 2021.

Of the almost 1300 security and risk professionals who participated in the July 2021 survey, 83% indicated that they consider zero trust to be an essential strategy for their organizations.

Almost all respondents believe that adopting a zero trust cybersecurity approach is essential for preventing or limiting the success of cyberattacks. The most popular area of initial focus for respondents’ zero trust security programs is identity and access management, followed by network security and web security.

Zero trust security solutions implementation hurdles

While respondents are bullish on the necessity of adopting a zero trust security approach, they are less confident in their abilities to successfully implement solutions. Over 70% feel that having a partner to help implement zero trust would speed the process, while budget restrictions and prioritization of other strategic security initiatives are most likely to delay zero trust programs from the business perspective.

On the IT side of the ledger, respondents identified legacy technology and complexity associated with defining and implementing zero trust security policies as significant barriers to successful implementation.

“I was pleased to see the survey results reported significant market momentum around the zero trust security framework and am excited about its ability to make a real difference in the security posture of the organizations that adopt it,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, Ericom’s CSO.

“Security vendors that can help organizations address their pain points around budget, complexity, and flexibility will be in a strong position to partner with businesses as they implement their zero trust programs.”

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